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History of Hotels

The History of Hotels In one form or another, we have been staying in hotels for thousands of years. Though much has changed in the hotel industry over time, the world's oldest known hotel has been owned by the same family since it opened its doors 1300 years ago. In America, early hotels were merely bars and eateries that had hooks from which sailors hung their hammocks. Hotels today in America are some of the world's finest, most luxurious, and most expensive. As standards have changed, so has the expectation of the traveler. What once was considered to be a luxury, such as lockable doors and private baths, is now standard throughout much of the world. 1600 and earlier - 718 The Höshi Ryokan in Komatsu, Japan is the world's oldest hotel. This 1500-1700 hotel and spa has been owned by the same family since it opened 1300 East Coast Settlers in America stayed in Inns based on English and Dutch tradition. years ago. The Goldener Hirsch hotel opened in Salzburg, Austria the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and - - 1671 where the "Sound of Music" was filmed. All American seaports had lodging. Sailors could hang their hammocks from hooks in inns or stay in large rooms containing many beds. 1700-1776 1700 The Homestead Resort, Hotel Yukhary - Karavansaray, opened in Sheki, Azerbeidjan to house caravans of hundreds of men, camels and horses traveling the Silk Route. opened in Hot Springs, 1766 virginia, counts presidents and princes among its guests. 1750 During America's revolutionary times, many people decided to live in inns or hotels as amenities improved. American inns became a 1776 combination of trading posts and saloons. Depending upon a traveler's finances, he could sleep with 1779-1850 the horses or upstairs with a hot bath, bed and more. - 1794 1800 City Hotel, NY, was possibly the first American building built for the purpose of being a hotel. It had 73 rooms and numerous conference rooms. NYC population at this time: 30,000. 1829 1830-1875 Tremont House, Boston, was America's first five-star hotel with 170 rooms, private single Built during the gold rush, The Palace in San Francisco cost $5 million and 800 rooms covering 2.5 acres in the heart of the city. and double lockable rooms, pitchers of water, bowls and free soap for washing. It was also the first hotel with indoor plumbing and a bellboy. 1876 The Oriental Hotel, opened in Bangkok, Thailand is Thailand's first hotel and one of the oldest in Asia. Numerous famous authors to include Somerset Maugham, Joseph Conrad, and James Michener have stayed here. The Chelsea Hotel opened in New York. It has seen been mentioned in many songs and The Raffles Hotel opened in Singapore. It is the birthplace of the drink the Singapore Sling 1887 and reputedly where the sole surviving wild tiger in Singapore was where Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote "2001: A Space Odyssey," where the writer Dylan Thomas was staying when he died of pneu- monia, and where Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, was 1884 was shot in 1902. - -1893 found stabbed to death. The Waldorf-Astoria hotel opened in New York. It was the 1900 first hotel to offer room service. The Moana Surfrider opened in Honolulu 1901 USA with rooms for $1.50 a night. Motel 1910 Vacancy Ellsworth M. Statler is considered to be 1908 father of the modern hotel. His Buffalo Statler had keyholes above the doorknob, light-switches next to the door, private baths, icewater, and a morning newspaper for each Early American motels, created from the words "motor + hotel," were mom and pop roadside places with cabin-like rooms. guest. 1939-1960 Many independent hotel owners began joining referral organizations such as Quality Over 35,000 motels were built in the U.S. Courts, Best Eastern and Best Western to compete against the larger hotel chains. 1960s and 70s More than 25,000 professional 1999 organizations booked rooms and space for conventions. 2000 Computerized reservations reduced staff sizes and enabled 2000 guests to register online. WELCOM Electronic key cards replaced metal keys to provide stronger physical security. Today There are at least 15 major international hotel brands, with more than 500 hotels in numerous countries. Best Western International becomes the world's largest hotel brand with more than 4,200 hotels in 80 countries. Hotel Rating System A place most would not want to stay, hardly functional rooms, shared bathrooms, possibly illegal festivities taking place. 1-star In most countries, a bare room with bathroom, TV and telephone. 2-star Well built and managed but boring. Probably has a downstairs restaurant, 24-hour reception service. 3-star Good business hotel with a business center and hotel-wide Internet. Room and travel arranging services. 4-star Offering luxury and thrills beyond the needs of the normal traveler with international-class restaurants, clubs, bars and entertainment that cater not only to hotel guests. Some specialized services offered at five-star hotels are: $$$ 5-star Dog-walking services menu of pillows Top-rate gyms, spas and swimming pools. *x6 хб *x7 Travel professionals and industry observers laugh at the six and seven star ratings, saying that there are no ratings higher than five star. One five-star deluxe hotel that is widely known as a seven-star destination is Dubai's Burj al-Arab. May be too dangerous or dirty for one star or may be too small and personal for that same star. These hotels can be places to avoid or places offering five-star service and amenities. Unrated Many cities have one famous old hotel that was historically the place to stay. Grand Old Hotel Planned destination of vacationers normally located at the ocean or in the mountains away offering many types of entertainment and pampering. Resort Hotels Sources: BusinessWeek CreditDonkey

History of Hotels

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Hotels have come a long way since their initial creation nearly 1,300 years ago. After all, can you imagine peoples’ reactions if they were asked to bring a hammock with them to an American hotel? J...


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