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The History of Coupons

HISTORY COUPONS the 06730925789 Today, coupons are as essential to American living as Coca-Cola – and just as addictive. Though coupons have evolved ra pidly since their inception, they can still stir the blood of the obsessive consumer with their promise of discounts and deals. Here is a brief history of America's favorite piece of print, the coupon. ASA CANDLER CAVITY UPSWING 1887 1890s When Coca-Cola became incorporated Asa Candler – an Atlanta businessman and Coca-Cola partner – used hand written tickets Thanks to the success of the Coca-Cola coupons, a wave of corrosive cavities swept the nation. Within two decades for free glasses of Cola. 1 in every nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola drink. THIS CARD ENTITLES YOU TO ONE GIASS OF HECoca-Cola AT THE THE ATLANTIC MACARONI COS ONE COUPON ANY DISPENSER OF GENUINE COCA-COLAS VAYSAEE COUPON LION HOUSEWIVES-breakfasts are on us! goor family to 24 steaming Post's You anve it (we par for it) Let us theat GRAPE NUTS bows of WHEAT MEAL CEREAL BUNCHES OF GRAPE NUTS C.W. Post used 1¢ coupons to sell their Grape Nuts cereal. It helped considerably until consumers actually tasted Grape Nuts cereal. 1901 MILD DEPRESSION 1930s During the thirties the use of coupons grew rapidly, due in part to the Great Depression. Unfortunately, for a majority of Americans it still was not enough to buy luxury items such as milk and eggs. DO IT FOR THE TROOPS "THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND' IS STILL BEHIND HIM COUPONS! by buying coupons. 1940s Besides planting victory gardens and working in factories, it became a woman's duty to support the economy through the use of coupons. FOR THE PEOPLE 1950s The coupon wave hit Soviet Russia in the 1950s. Comrades waited in lines for hours just to receive 10¢ off coupons and then proceed to wait another few hours to use them. SAVE 15 cheer 155 The most popular coupon in Soviet Russia: 20¢ off Ushanka hats. FAMILIES CLIP COUPONS TOGETHER 1960s As the nuclear family gained strength in the sixties, the activity of Sunday morning coupon-clipping became even more popular than baseball or war protests. HER DAN GOOD FOR ONE HUG Another popular trend that emerged from this time period was the gifting of coupons. This was seen especially around Mother's Day when cheap husbands or children would gift their mothers with a coupon book full of 'good for one hug' or 'one day of chores.' CLIPPING CENTRAL SAVE 1980s In the 80s, coupons officially became associated with periodicals and would often take up at least 2/3 of the newspaper. -Google 1 FREE Google Search E-COUPON WITH A SIDE OF FRIES 1990s Coupons went digital and retailers began to use online coupons as a form of advertisement. These coupons were especially popular with consumers because they could be printed at unlimited quantities. Adding to the obesity crisis, fast food restaurants started to issue their own 1990s sets of coupons – it made that extra value menu extra affordable. Save Me Some Money $5 off Cine's REDEEM OFFER ICOUPON $37294 2010 06372 Picking up on the mobile trend, coupons had moved to mobile phones. Even more popular were the iPhone apps that gathered different coupons from across the internet. Everything from 10% off at the GAP to free pizza at Chuck Cheese were at consumers' fingertips. 0637294 DNA DISCOUNTS 2030 As fraudulent coupons become more frequent, retailers have taken drastic measures by issuing coupons to individuals only redeemable through DNA sampling. This will become so successful that government agencies will take up this approach and use DNA for ID cards. Sources: ..---. ..... --- ...*****. --------

The History of Coupons

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The last twenty years have seen the rise of the online coupon and the last few years have seen consumers scoring discounts via their mobile devices. It will be interesting to see what the next 120 yea...

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