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The History of Advertising

Simple Shapes of Stories
as told by Kurt Vonnegut
fed into the computer by David Yang

G - Good Fortune / Wealth & Boisterous Good Health

B - Beginning ----------------------- E - Electricity

II Fortune / Sickness & Poverty

Man ln Hole
But it needn't be about a man and it needn't be about someone getting into a hole

Start a little above average, why get a depressing person? ---------------> Somebody gets into trouble -----> gets out of it ------------------> People love that story! They never get sick of it!

Boy gets Girl
but it needn't be that, just a way to remember it

Start on an average day, average person, not expect anything to happen, a day like any other. --------------------> Finds something wonderful! --> Just loves it! ---> Oh goddam it! ---> Got it back again ---> People like that..

Most Popular Story In Western Civilization
evertime its retold someone makes a million dollars

Its a little girl...Her mother has died, Her father has remarried a ugly woman with two nasty daughters, two big daughters ---------------> So the fairy godmother comes ---> Gives her shoes ---> Gives her stockings ---> Gives her mascara ---> Gives her means of transportation ---> Goes to the party, dances with the prince, has a swell time, ---> Boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring ---> boring --->(There's a slight incination to that line as I've drawn it because it takes perhaps 20 seconds, 30 seconds for the grandfather clock to strike 12)---> She poops along on this level until the prince comes along ---> The Shoe fits ---> She achieves off-scale happiness. :) The tlistory of ADVERTISING 2000 BC 2011 BUY BUY THIS THIS Advertising What Is Advertising? Definition: a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers, or listeners) to take some action with respect Advertising: A Timeline 2000 BC The Egyptians invent outdoor advertising, carving public notices in steel. In ancient Greece, the first sonic logo is created when ladies of the night tap nails into their shoes to produce "come hither" sound effects. 750 sc 1472 The first print ad is created in England; the handbill announces a prayer book for sale. Pray 1661 The first product branding is developed, for Dentifrice Tooth Gel. 1776 At the dawn of the American Revolution, political ads appeared encouraging enlistment. 1835 BUY The birth of the automobile BUY fuels the rise of billboard ads in the U.S. 1873 The first product placement occurs when transport and shipping companies are mentioned in Jules Verne's novel Around the World in 80 Days. 1882 BUY The first electric sign is lit, in New York's Times Square. Sears Direct marketing is born when Sears sends out 8,000 1892 handwritten postcards and receives back 2,000 orders. Buy 1905 The first celebrity endorsement Occurs when silent-movie miscreant Fatty Arbuckle offers "conclusive proof" that Murad cigarettes are the preference of men of cultivated taste. 1911 The first "sex sells" slogan is used by Woodbury Soap Company: 1917 The American Association of Advertising Agencies is founded. 1920 In his garage in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Frank Conrad founds KDKA, the world's first commercial radio station. 1925 Consumerism of nonessential products is encouraged via rampant advertising during the Roaring 20s. 1938 The Wheeler-Lea Act of 1938 is Lose 50 established to curb false advertising, proclaiming that "unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce are hereby declared unlawful." pounds in five day 1939 Advertising is chock full of World War Il propaganda. I WANT YOU 1941 The first official TV commercial runs for Bulova Watch; the company pays $9 for a 20-second spot aired before a baseball game. 1950 The first political TV ad airs for Gov. Dewey of New York. voTE 1950s SOAP Contests and giveaways become popular forms of advertising: Dial Soap gives away an actual oil well! 1955 Psychologists start working in advertising to formulate more effective ways of wooing the American public. _1 957 The birth of the longest-running TV ad jingle occurs with Mr. Clean, which is still used today. 1963 David Ogilvy ushers in the modern advertising age with this quote: "The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife." 1970 The birth of the infomercial takes place, selling homes in San Diego. 1-800 Calvin Klein sparks controversy with a sexy ad featuring 15-year-old Brooke Shields saying, "Want to know what gets between me and my Calvins? Nothing." 1980 1981 The network MTV launches, advertising music artists 24/7; consumers tune in for advertising message instead of a by-product. TV 1984 Apple sets a precedent at the Super Bowl with the most expensive TV ad: Directed by Ridley Scott, the Macintosh promo costs $900,000. 1994 VOLVO HotWired site launches with the first banner ads from AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Volvo, and others. Sprint at&t 1994 GO Pay-per-click keyword advertising debuts at (now a part of Yahoo!). It is widely mocked. 1995 The first keyword ad, "Golf," is created by Yahoo! YAHOO! 1997 The first mobile ad is launched. A Finnish news provider offers free news headlines via SMS, BUY EO sponsored by advertising. 1995 - 2000 Billions invested ($8.2 billion) in online ads. The dot com @ bubble soon pops. BUY 2000 Google Google rolls out AdWords, a pay-per-click service. AdWords makes performance-based ads mainstream and now accounts for more than 95% of Google's revenue. BUY 2001 Pop-up and pop-under ads fill users' screens. They peak in 2003, at 8.7% of all online ads, earning 13 BUY times more clicks than banners. BUY 2002 The most expensive ad campaign is purchased by Pepsi. The 90-second Britney Spears commercial costs $7.53 million. 2006 YouTube launches as we see the birth of video advertising, including in-video ads, participatory video ads, pre-roll ads, and more. You Tube BUY 2006 Twitter's real-time, global community makes viral marketing/advertising fast and free. 2007 O Facebook introduces the concept of behavior-based advertising by specifically targeting users' social interactions. 2008 Infolinka In-text advertising appears, matching double-underlined keywords within sites' content to relevant ad bubbles. www.inlainka.cOm Leem men inke vir keyword proh re. Don't Viral advertising overtakes traditional modes as an ad 2010 campaign with the Old Spice Guy receives 30 million views the most successful of the year. 2011 Online advertising becomes a clear No. 2 in terms of budget priority for advertising worldwide, typically at the expense of print and radio. STAY TUNED! infolinks In-Text Advertising

The History of Advertising

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Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers, or listeners) to take some action with respect. This is a timeline history of advertising.



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