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The Hiring Process: Steps and Statistics

THE HIRING PROCESS - Steps and Statistics Can I have a job please? ONE Identify Positions to Be Filled Newly created Replacing recently postitions vacated positions TWO Create a Description of the Position Essential job functions Minimum Requirements Preferred Qualifications THREE I know a guy. Create Recruitment Plan Choose avenues to recruit -social media, job fairs, print ads, online job boards ─░nternal posting (current employees) Employee referrals FOUR Create a Job Selection Committee ─░ndividual who will work with new hire ─░ndividual who understands the Supervisor new position well FIVE Begin Search /Recruitment Process SIX Collect resumes (and cover letters) SEVEN Review/narrow n applications EIGHT Conduct Interviews So why WOuld you be a good Fit here? NINE Um. I like work and uh. Conduct Background Checks Yes! I'm hired! TEN Select final hire(s) HIRING STATS A BAD HIRING DECISION can equal 30% of first year potential earnings. An $8/hour employee can cost a company up to $1,200 Average annual expense on employee training $35,000 in turn ground costs 32 Average annual amount of time employees spend in training HOURS 8'x8' Furnishing the cube $2,000 $30.80 will cost close to Average size of a work cube Average hourly cost of compensating a private sector employee Cost-per-hire, by size of Company # OF EMPLOYEES COST-PER-HIRE 500 or Less $7,645.26 501-1,000 $6,634.85 1,001-2,500 $6,512.14 2,501-5,000 $11,365.37 5,001-10,000 $3,181.87 10,001-20,000 $3,737.47 More than 20,000 $2,885.68 Sources: recruiterbox ing-10-shocking-hr-statistic_h09y2o10.html#sthash.CQI6KQQT.dpuf port/2012/11/16/44464/there-are-significant-business-costs-to-replacing-employees/ ly/it-costs-a-lot-to-recruit-new-employees-more-for-smaller-companies_b922 nchmark.aspx INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY NationalPositions inin Profitable Internet Marketing

The Hiring Process: Steps and Statistics

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When a job becomes available in your business it is important to find the most qualified candidate to fill the position. To do so, you and your hiring team will need to go through an extensive process...


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