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Hiring a Lawyer Now Saves Time & Money Later

HIRE a LAWYER NOW, SAVE O and $ LATER When you use a lawyer before something goes wrong, you can often avoid the crisis, or at least, minimize the consequences. That's not how most American businesses use lawyers. But never fear! Priori is here to help. The Problem: CONSUMERS DON'T ALWAYS HIRE A LAWYER WHEN THEY NEED ONE 70% 50% percentage of households that had some occasion during the past year that might have led them to hire a lawyer percentage of those who need a lawyer that say they do not plan on hiring one "A lawyer should be a trusted One-third of all U.S. households say that they have had at least one occasion where they considered hiring a lawyer, but did not. advisor for every small business to consult regularly. That way, you can avoid problems – rather than scrambling to find a legal counselor after a problem arises, when the stakes and costs are higher and you don't have the time to find the right lawyer for your business,9 THE TOP REASONS WHY THEY DECIDED NOT TO HIRE A LAWYER WERE: THE EXPENSE OF DOING SO 28% TOOK CARE OF IT MYSELF 19% NOT WORTH IT/WON'T DO ANY GOOD 15% - Basha Frost Rubin, CEO, Priori Legal Some of the many SITUATIONS IN WHICH NOT HAVINGA LAWYER CAN COST YOU MORE Business Formation Business Contracts Financing & Debt Company Type • Succession Planning Operating Agreements • Partnership Agreements • Buy-Sell Agreements Vendor Agreements • Joint Ventures Customer Agreements . NDAS Financing • Loans • Convertible Notes Investor Relations • Stockholders Web Terms of Services Privacy Policies The VCs are knocking Your Dad's best friend's son has a new copier business. Sweet! You get a great deal. Later, you come to find out that they only print in white and you have no contract. down your door. On average, they do 50 deals every 3 years and you do 1. Probably a good time to hire a lawyer who has your back! VS Oh, that company you founded with your best friend? Of course you don't need legal agreements. Your bond is unbreakable! Nothing could ever go wrong.. until it does. Intellectual O Employment Regulatory Issues | Property Trademarks • Copyright Patents Licensing • Trade Secrets Company Handbooks • Employment Agreements • Employee Termination Discrimination • Harassment Tax Planning • Audits • Environmental Issues • Securities • Professional Licenses Real Estate Woot! You've created the next big thing. Unfortunately, you didn't realize there was already a company called ACME that sells widgets. Just another case of "big company crushes small company" because of a trademark issue. Sales tax now applies to e-commerce and no one sent you the memo. Now you owe back taxes on all those widgets you sold. Business gets rough and it's time to let some employees go. It didn't go so well - surprise, surprise - and in the heat of the moment, you said some things you wish you didn't. WILL WIDGET FOR FOOD Yikes! So why don't business owners hire lawyers when they need one? Ah, here's why.. GUnderstanding the PUBLIC PERCEPTION of LAWYERS Percentage Of Americans & Canadians Who Say They "Trust Lawyers" 18% V8 1+1, 44% Americans' View of the Legal Field 1+4 Americans have a positive view of the legal field. A recent survey asked respondents to indicate whether they held positive or negative views of 25 different industries. Legal was at the very bottom: ranking 22nd out of the 25 industries. Banking 28% Legal 25% Automobile 24% Real Estate 24% Oil & Gas 21% The Media's Portrayal of Lawyers 66 Popular culture portrays lawyers as greedy, inept or non- communicative 99 -Robert A. Clifford, Clifford Law What Consumers Say About Lawyers are unclear about are often not are unwilling charge too much for their services upfront about exactly what they will do to account for their fees their charges 69% 64% Percentage of people who say that these professions have High/ Very High Ethical Standards 18% Lawyers Medical Doctors Agree that lawyers are more interested in making money than serving their clients. 22% Building Contractors 23% Bankers There is a wide disconnect 76% Percentage of consumers who have hired a lawyer in the past 5 years and were either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the lawyer. between the negative public perception of lawyers and positive consumer satisfaction with lawyers. So if people ultimately have a good experience, what's them? stópping Let's take a look at HOW PEOPLE CHOOSE A LAWYER Ask a friend, family member or colleague 46% Thus, if you or someone you know doesn't know the type of lawyer you need, you are less inclined to hire one Contact a lawyer I know or have used before 34% Look in the Yellow Pages or similar printed directory 8% Search online Other 5% The Solution: BRIDGING THE GẶP BETWEEN LAWYERS AND BUSINESSES While most Americans say that lawyers are knowledgeable about the law and can help clients navigate the legal system, they are still His respective suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information including all express or implied including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability. Huh? Total: $200.000 Dissatisfied Confused Uncertain how to tell a good lawyer with the ways lawyers about how lawyers from a bad one communicate with them bill for their services The Solution: PRIORI LEGAL RILL L BILL FLAT FEE 00 Vetted & Trusted Lawyers Personalized Service Transparent Fees Priori helps find trusted lawyers by personally interviewing and vetting candidates. We are not merely a database of lawyers, and lawyers do not pay us anything to participate in our network. Priori helps businesses find the right lawyer for their unique business. We choose your lawyers personally, not with an automated algorithm. Businesses have long clamored for flat fee arrangements to bring predictability to legal services. Wherever possible, our lawyers offer flat rate pricing. Resources NodelD=458920&NodeParentID=458887 © 2013 PRIORI LEGAL, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRIORI LEGAL

Hiring a Lawyer Now Saves Time & Money Later

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The financial stakes are high for many legal issues small businesses encounter on a regular basis. But studies consistently demonstrate that consumers don’t consult lawyers when they need them. For ...


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