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The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers

THE HIGH COST OF INTERNET DOWNTIME FOR RETAILERS And how 3G/4G mobile broadband connectivity in your stores can keep your cash registers ringing. Internet outages happen in a variety of ways that you can't control. CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENTS SEVERE WEATHER TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS HEAVY NETWORK CONGESTION OUTAGE AT | ISP/BACKBONE photo by pzado Source. Augmenting Data Backup and Recovery with System-Level Protection, Enterprise Strategy Group. 2011 Almost every business experiences outages. Your business is no exception. 52% of midsize companies can only tolerate less Percentage of businesses who experienced downtime 42% 50% than 1 hour of downtime for 40% their most mission-critical data and applications. З0% 20% 20% 4% 10% 0% Up to 4 hours Up to 24 hours Up to 72 hours ANNUAL INTERNET DOWNTIME When outages happen, they can disrupt many BUSINESS CRITICAL APPLICATIONS UP TO 50 TIME & ATTENDANCE LOYALTY PROGRAMS ONLINE ORDERING POS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT CRM When your Point of Sale (POS) is down, you lose revenue and upset your customers. Lost Revenue Lost Customers After 2.5 minutes, customers $4.700 On average, every minute of POS downtime costs become frustrated if there is the retailer no progress in line. Source: Standish Group 15 Nearly 50% of customers $70.5 k minutes avoid a retailer or brand in the $282 k hour future if they had to wait longer than five minutes. 30 $141 k minutes 1 in 3 customers will 5 MINUTES abandon the checkout line if forced to wait more than http://www.retailcustome A fast, affordable 3G/4G connection can maximize uptime. An intelligent, cost-effective solution is necessary. Manage and blend the primary wired connection with a wireless 3G/4G connection. Reliability Comparison 99+% Speed Comparison UPLOAD DOWNLOAD 3G/4G 4MBPS %6666 97-99% 4G 12MBPS T1 5MBPS CABLE 12MBPS DSL 97-99% 2MBPS DSL CABLE 12MBPS Average Uptime % 1MBPS 2.5MBps 3G Installation & Cost Comparison T1 DSL CABLE 3G/4G 1.5MBPS 1.5MBPS T1 install 4-6 WEEKS 13 WEEKS MEDIUM $50 13 WEEKS MEDIUM $50 1 DAY Time HIGH LOW $50 Install Cost Sources: CradlePoint $400 Cost per Cellular-Based-Digital-Signage Month USING 3G/4G FOR FAILOVER 3G/4G failover plans cost as little as 90% of land line disruptions are in the "last mile". $20- Something that damages a wired connection is unlikely to disrupt a cellular tower. per month When primary wired connection goes down, 3G/4G switches on automatically. with low setup costs This keeps all your mission critical applications online. Compared to a T1 line, combining Cable or DSL service with a 3G/4G failover plan gives you: GREATER RELIABILITY HIGHER SPEEDS LOWER INSTALL COSTS SHORTER INSTALL TIME • LOWER MONTHLY FEES 4G is growing rapidly, making it a more viable alternative for businesses. Percent of mobile devices/M2M (mobile to machine) connections: 4G 45% Expected growth between 2012 and 2017 57% 3G 60% Global 50% Percent of Mobile Data Traffic 14% 40% 2012 2017 З0% 4G 31% 23% North America 40x 20% 10% 7% 4G 10% Projected growth of 4G traffic from 2012 to 2017 Global 0% 2012 2017 (109% CAGR) Sources: Cisco Virtual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012-2017 The speeds and flexibility of 4G wireless 3G/4G connectivity enables other applications that can expand your business and networking are driving nationally recognized ENHANCE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE retailers to also use 4G as a primary connection for specific applications: photo by abundantc BEST BUY STORE PRICES KIOSK CONVENIENCE POPUP Retail Store Peping up thds mauth. Taabelle Hamburger Dunlop Dlsco MOBILE & POP-UP RETAIL BYOD (BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE) VENDING KIOSKS DIGITAL SIGNAGE Cellular connectivity lets you take your store on the road, Places you might find a pop-up store: • Food trucks • Major sporting events • Music and arts festivals • Vacant storefronts Segmented Networks - Let customers and employees access the Web while in your store without using bandwidth you need to run your business. Examples: Avanti Markets, Best Buy Express, Venders Exchange With real-time/personalized messaging or content. Learn more about implementing 36/46 failover in your stores at: Presented by: Retailexperience customer .com cradlepoint

The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers

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This infographic provides a deeper look into how internet downtime can cost retailers more money than they might think.


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