The Hidden Meanings and Symbolism of 50 Iconic Brand Logos

THE HIDDEN MEANINGS AND SYMBOLISM OF 50 ICONIC BRAND LOGOS baskiN BR FobbiNsS amazon FedEx. FEDEX There is an arrow AMAZON between the "E" and "X" of "Ex," symbolizing speed. BASKIN ROBBINS FedEx. The arrow Ilinks "A" to Includes the number 31: "The 31 stands "Z" because Amazon has everything from A to Z. for our belief that our guests should have the opportunity to explore cream flavor every day of the month." fun, new ice NINTENDO THE BRONX PEPSI GAMECUBE zoo The 2009 redesign of the Pepsi logo cost $1 million. A design schematic sug that the logo was inspired by the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, Hindu numerical harmony, Earth's gravitational field, and the speed of light. The purple part of the cube is a "G," and the The negative space between the giraffes' legs creates New York sts negative space within that is a THE BRONX City's iconic skyline. pepsi NINTENDO GAMECUBE. "C." ZOO Google TOYOTA COFFEE GOOGLE TOYOTA Google's logo uses the primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) except for the letter "L," which is green. Designer Ruth Kedar states that this is to symbolize how Google defies the rules. According to Toyota, the three overlapping ellipses "symbolize the unification of the hearts of our custo mers and the heart of Toyota products." Another fun fact: STARBUCKS In 2011, the siren was made subtly asymmetrical to make her seem more welcoming, worldly, and human. TOYOTA All of the letters of "Toyota" are within the logo. MCDONALD'S U.S. CYBER COMMAND SCYBER The "M" of the Golden Arches The string of letters and numbers within the inner gold circle is the unit's encrypted mission statement. It's STATES represents the first letter of "McDonald's," but there's also a more subtle meaning. Psychologist and design consultant Louis translated into 32 digits with the MD5 cryptographic hash. Cheskin intended for the rounded "M" to represent nourishing breasts. Pinterest PICASA At first glance, it's a simple camera shutter, but the negative space is meant to resemble a house. Picasa is considered "home" to your photos; "casa" means "home" in Spanish. adidas ADIDAS The iconic three-stripe design was first used on footwear in 1949. In 1997, the stripes were slanted to form a mountain, EVERNOTE Elephants are known for their impressive memories, which makes them an ideal symbol for a note-taking app. The corner of the elephant's ear is folded in the same way that people fold corners of pages to "bookmark" them. representing the obstacles and challenges people need to overcome. PINTEREST The "P" ends with a point like a pin. VAIO HYUNDAI le TOR fronce The "H" within the circle symbolizes "Hyundai" but also two analog digital individuals SONY VAIO meeting in the middle with a firm The first two letters represent an analog wave, and the last two are the 1 and 0 of binary language. It symbolizes the integration of analog and digital technology. handshake. TOUR DE FRANCE HYUNDAI A hidden cyclist is within the "our" of "tour." ATOBLERONE MUSEUM OF LONDON The abstract MUSEUM OF LONDON TOBLERONE blobs of color represent how the geographical area of London has The coat of arms of Bern (where Toblerone is made) contains a bear; there's a hidden bear in the mountain. BEATS The "b" is actually headphones, grown over time. and the red circle is a head. NBC COCA-COLA The colored feathers of the peacock represent each division of NBC. The peacock's head is turned to the right, looking to the future. CocaCola Coca-Cola discovered that the Denmark flag is "hidden" in their logo. They embraced this happy coincidence by setting up an interactive ad in the Copenhagen airport that dispensed flags. NBC LG YOGA AUSTRALIA The negative space created by the yogi's leg and arm is the shape of Australia. CISCO. CISCO LG Cisco's logo represents a digital signal and the outline of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, an homage to the city where it was founded. LG's logo contains both a winking human face and the letters "L" and "G." The "L" is the nose, and the "G" is the face shape. yoga australia QUIKSILVER ROXY Inspired by Japanese painter Hokusai's woodcut The Great Wave off Kanagawa, it depicts a wave rushing QUIKSILVER toward a mountain. Roxy is a surf, snowboard, and fitness brand for women and children that's owned by Quiksilver. Roxy's logo is created by two Quiksilver logos rotated to form a heart. Gillette Tosiios BMW м BMW was once known for creating aircraft engines, leading people to believe that the checkered logo GILLETTE represents a white propeller and a blue sky behind it. In truth, it symbolizes the flags of Bavaria. TOSTITOS The "G" and the "I" have been Each lowercase "t" is a perfectly cut across to represent the precision and sharpness of their razors. person holding a chip, and the dot of the "i" is their bowl of salsa. APPLE HERSHEY'S KISSES HERSHEY'S Designer Rob Janoff spent time drawing apples for inspiration. He took a bite out of an apple as an experiment, then realized that "bite" sounds just like the computer term "byte." KISSES There's a sideways silhouette of a Hershey's Kiss between the "K" and the "I." brand DOMINO'S The three dots represent the three original Domino's locations. GOODWILL THE GUILD OF The "G" in FOOD WRITERS Goodwill doubles as a Initially, the plan was to add a dot for every new location. This didn't pan out because the The negative space created by the pen tip contains a spoon. smiley face (twice). Domino's franchise expanded far goodwill beyond the owner's expectations! so CHEVROLET VERSACE CHEVY LONDON SYMPHONY VERSACE ORCHESTRA Co-founder William C. Durant claims he was Versace's logo is a portrait of The swirling logo contains the letters "LSO" and is reminiscent of the motions inspired by a Parisian hotel wallpaper pattern he encountered in 1908. However, his daughter said he drew it on a napkin during dinner, while his wife said the Coalettes logo he found in a newspaper sparked the idea. Medusa. Gianni Versace chose this because he wanted his fashion to be so stunning that it captured people's hearts forever. of a conductor's wand. SPARTAN GOLF CLUB VIA+ Incorporates both a golfer and a Spartan; the trajectory of the golf swing creates the Formula 1 VIA Rail Canadä FORMULA 1 (old logo) VIA RAIL CANADA The negative space between the black F and the red SPART AN plume of the Spartan's helmet. The parallel stripes of white space surrounding the 'I' represent train GOLF CLUB racing stripes creates the number 1. tracks. 1= UNI QLO DELL UNIQLO HOPE FOR AFRICAN DELL The use of katakana (a Japanese syllabary) evokes an Asian red-ink seal, subliminally indicating a level of craftsmanship worth stamping their CHILDREN INITIATIVE The negative space creates two images: the continent of Africa and a child looking up Founder Michael Dell started his business with the aim to "turn the world on its ear," an ambition represented by the slanted "E." name on. at mother. CHANEL PITTSBURGH ZO0 & PPG AQUARIUM The double "C" logo is more than just creator Coco Chanel's initials. She was inspired by the The negative space on either side of the tree creates the profiles of a lion and a gorilla. Fish are jumping up in the bottom of the tree. vaulted arches and stained glass windows of the Château de Crémat, a castle where she often attended parties. PITTSBURGH ZO0 & PPG AQUARIUM Sun NIKE microsystems SUN MICROSYSTEMS Nike's simple logo is meant to convey speed and motion. It is also the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Student designer Carolyn Davidson was only paid $35 to create it. ATLANTA FALCONS The head, claw, and wing of the falcon form the letter "F." The diamond shape contains the word "Sun" in every direction, formed by the letters "U" and "N." Sources: U Printing Spread Your Message! COMMA

The Hidden Meanings and Symbolism of 50 Iconic Brand Logos

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Today, logos have become more sophisticated, compelling, and powerful. Even if they appear minimalist, the meanings and emotions evoked by branding are painstakingly orchestrated. The angles, colors, ...


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