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From Header to Footer the Anatomy of a Perfect Email

FROM HEADER TO FOOTER THE ANATOMY OF A PERFECT EMAIL HOW MUCH DOES EACH ELEMENT AFFECT AN EMAIL CAMPAIGN'S RESPONSE RATE? ll Quality of data 3.4 Segment selection 3.3 Subject line 3.3 Rendering on multiple devices 2.8 Deliverability infrastructure 2.8 Human creativity 2.8 Email aesthetics/design 2.7 Time of day 2.6 ESP technology 2.1 List size 2.1 LESS 2 3 MORE 1 = not very confident 4 = very confident INVITE READERS IN WITH YOUR SUBJECT LINE Make your subject line punchy. of email recipients 33% open email subject line alone. based on The first 6 words of your subject line are the most important. Limit it to about 40 characters. 60 30 A typical inbox shows about 60 characters of A mobile phone shows 25 to 30 characters. an email's subject line. Don't trigger the spam filter. Don't use trigger words: Avoid using block capitals. - "Free" - "Click Now" Conduct A/B tests and select your words carefully. Some words may lower it. Some words can increase your open rate. 12% "SPECIAL" 37% "BRAND-NEW" 19% "EXCITING" -2% -20% 24% "LATEST" -28% DON'T BE A STRANGER "From," "To," and "Reply To" should be the company name. Anything unrecognizable could be marked as spam. - This includes a person's name or newsletter name. Adding personalized product recommendations into marketing emails can increase: Sales conversion rates by Click-through rates by 15%-25% 25%-35% PAY ATTENTION TO THE CLOCK Do some research and 10:00 analyze your metrics. How often you should email varies for every business based on audience, content, and conversion cycles. 04:00 Click-through Rate Open Rate p.m. Desktop and smartphone email opens happen most often between 10 a.m. Unsubscribe Rate Conversion Rate (From email) and 4 p.m. – during the typical workday. Your emails may do better if you send based on when readers signed up. Time since sign-up Email frequency 0-30 Days 181+ Days 31-90 91-180 Days Days Daily 3 times per week Once Once per week per month KNOW WHOM YOU'RE SENDING IT TO Segment your email list based on: ... ... Lifecycle stage Location Industry HELLO John Page view Form fill-out Persona Being addressed by name in an email is Never, EVER send without consent. now an expectation. GRAB READERS' ATTENTION WITH YOUR HEADER To write an effective header, focus on the 4 U's: ! Make it Make it Convey Make it useful. unique. ultra-specific. urgency. Make it about the reader: How will your product or service benefit them? TALK TO YOUR AUDIENCE IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL ... Create as though you're writing to a specific friend. Provide value before you focus on selling. Avoid image-based text like a headline inside a graphic. Use both text and - Images may not display properly or scale correctly for mobile. images. Add alt text to describe disabled images. LEAD READERS TO THE NEXT STEP WITH YOUR CALL TO ACTION (CTA) Noncommittal CTAS work better. People are not going to commit to a purchase inside an email. Example: "View latest watches" vs. “Buy now" View latest watches Buy now "View" will win especially with large purchases. HELLO my name is John Keep it concise. Include a sense Use Write in the of urgency. action-oriented first person. Time-sensitive words. promotions work best. Pay attention to the design. Empty space around the button Color Shape PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO YOUR FOOTER Mirror the top navigation. Include your physical mailing address. Footer links are useful in case the reader gets to the bottom and hasn't found anything to click on. Make social media Have a CTA link to accounts easily accessible. similar content or a landing page. Link to a subscription management page. unsubscribe Email Preference Easy and clear unsubscribe address updates: frequency, content changes directions BEFORE YOU PRESS SEND Test your email to see how it looks on various devices. iOS Mobile device-based Desktop email clients, such as Outlook and Internet-based email, including iOS and Android. services, such as Gmail and Outlook. Thunderbird. Check your email's size. - Recipients will abandon your email if it doesn't load quickly. Too big: email providers will not deliver your email. "A maximum size of 100 KB generally works. When running quality control, check everything. ABC 24 Image rendering Spelling Prices Caveat Alt tags symbols White space Linking hotspots Links All dates Image height/width ABC </> Language Tracking Landing pages HTML and CSS Email is an important part of your marketing mix. Building a good email, from the subject line to the call to action and footer, takes practice. These tips help you see better results sooner. salesforce marketing cloud "THE PERFECT GIFT" "GOOD" O. S "WONDERFUL"|

From Header to Footer the Anatomy of a Perfect Email

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Did you know that 33% of email recipients open their emails based on the subject line alone? It's important to have a punchy subject line and there are some words that can increase your open rate. Le...


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