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Harness the power of big data for a new economy

Harness the power of big data to generate sustainable value. We are experiencing the creation of an economy powered by a new business resource: big data. Although most assets deplete with use, data is self-perpetuating. Leading organizations are leveraging an analytics-driven approach-fueled by data-to achieve sustainable marketplace advantage and create entirely Develop new skills new business models. Harness all data and content Reduce IT budget pressure Operationalize big data analytics Find valuable New opportunities bring new challenges. You need to find a clearly defined and strategic starting point. Hire the right people and build the right skills to help ensure that your team is capable of harnessing and analyzing available information. And deploy scalable big data technologies to relieve IT budget pressure and minimize information complexity. starting points IBM big data platform Know your customers What if you could know and market to customers as individuals-not segments? Use available Information and advanced analy tics to maximize customer value at virtually every touchpoint and through practically every channel. 50% Ufone leveraged predictive analytics to galn valuable customer insights, improving campaign response rates by at least 50 percent and reducing customer churn by up to 20 percent. What if you could take full advantage of İnstrumented assets and machine data from Exploit assets new devices- online and offline, end to end and around the world? Act in real time to improve operations, supply chains, transportation systems .70 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory used intelligent technology to keep the power grid healthy, cutting 20-year Infrastructure spending by USD70 billion. USD and cities or create new revenue streams. billion Innovate at speed What if you could deliver meaningful product and service innovations to the marketplace faster, more effectively and with greater relevance? Gain İnsights and Improve outcomes by accessing data insights that were previously too difficult or 100s Catalina Marketing discovered how faster, better analysis transformed hundreds of terabytes of data into actionable İnsights to develop highly targeted point-of-sale offerings. expensive to leverage. terabytes Mitigate risk What if you could prevent fraud and Instantly understand and mitigate risk-İnside and outside your organization? Develop fraud and risk models through a deep analysis of data to help detect and prevent key events in real time with streaming transaction analysis. 1/14 TerraEchos used streaming data technology to detect, classify, locate, track and deter potential threats, reducing processing time from hours to one-fourteenth of a second. of a second %23 CUSTOMER 026734 ulltul, Transform the economic of IT What if you rethink your relationship with big data to reduce IT costs and complexity? Effectively and more securely deal with exploding data volume, veracity and variety by restructuring the way you manage, store and analyze data. 400 AppNexus used advanced analytics to boost its ability to process online ad requests in real time, going from 1.5 million to more than 400 millon dally requests in just three months. million requests Learn more about big data at: IBM. are trademarks of IBM Corp., y jurisdictlons workdwide. Other product and service nemes might be trademarks of IBM or other comparies. A current Ilst of IBM trademarks is arallable e wanoga, anrt and trademark informatlon" at Ibmoonensd in ada shtm econuriot BM Corporation 2012

Harness the power of big data for a new economy

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IBM presents five opportunities to effectively and efficiently analyze all available information, deploy scalable big data technologies and minimize information complexity.






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