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Hardly Working: A Look Into Laziness At The Workplace

hardly working look into lazines in the workylace The average worker admits to frittering away 3 hours per 8 hour workday, not including lunch and scheduled break-time. TIME WASTED DURING AN 8-HR WORKDAY: CITED DISTRACTIONS AT WORK: Human Resources assume that Human Resources 44% suspect that 0.94 hrs. 1.60 hrs. 1. Web Surfing are wasted per day are wasted per day 2. Socializing w/ Co-Workers 23.4% 3.9% 3. Spacing Out Emplouees admit they waste 3 hrs. resume 4. Applying For Other Jobs 1.3%, per 8-hour workday Year of Birth : Time Wasted Per Day OLDER WORKERS WASTE LESS TIME. 1930-1949 : 0.50 hrs. 1950-1959 : 0.68 hrs. 1960-1969 : 1.19 hrs. 1970-1979 : 1.61 hrs. 1980-1985 : 1.95 hrs. 18 hrs $759 a week surfing the internet billion total during work salary cost for employers. hours THAT'S $50 BILLION MORE THAN THE ENTIRE 2011 US DEFENSE BUDGET! 64% of workers 60% of online 65% of YouTube purchases are made during viewers watch admit using the Internet for between personal purposes regular work during work hours. 9AM - 5PM on weekdays when (presumably) at work. hours. 77% OF WORKERS WHO HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT USE IT DURING WORK HOURS. 1 in 33 werkers only wsed facebook at work. PERCENTAGE OF WORKERS WHO WOULD CONSIDER QUITTING THEIR JOBS IF FACEBOOK WAS BANNED: Fantasy football cost employers $10.5 billion in lost productivity. 39% 16% Only 24% of companies block access to fantasy sports sites. 7.7% say they embrace fantasy 18 - 24 25 - 65 olds football as a morale booster year Jear olds The 36 extra seconds the average Google visitor spent playing Pac-Man in May 2010 added up to 4.8 million of wasted hours. That's $120,483,800 in lost productivity. You could hire every single Google employee including co-founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin, & CEO Eric Schmidt for six weeks for that much money. employees' time: reasons for wasting 14.7% 23.4% 33.2% FEEL LACK OF DISTRACTED BY UNDERPAID WORK CO-WORKERS Sources productivity_at_work 3-20005958-52.html 11_53/al_n31008278/ _work helpful_or_a_hazard.php

Hardly Working: A Look Into Laziness At The Workplace

shared by judithgold on Dec 01
This infographic provides information for the workplace and the amount of time spent doing other things than working. It explains why people are lazy at work, what is most distracting workers at work,...


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