Happy Sales to You

HAPPY SALES TO YOU CONVEY EMOTION TO DRIVE CONSUMER RESPONSE Wouldn't it be great if you could make your audience do exactly what you wanted? It doesn't take a magic spell or class in hypnosis; all you need is a little neuroscience and psychology. KNOW YOUR EMOTIONS ELICIT THE RIGHT RESPONSE MAKE IT COUNT There's nothing more powerful than emotional connection. Understanding the basics of neuroscience and psychological We process emotional responses 5x faster than logical ones, So complex at the root of humanity, it drives the thoughts thought gives marketers an advantage in building strong making emotional judgments before drawing logical conclusions. and actions that define us. customer relationships. To longilud. BASIC EMOTIONAL RESPONSES 31% EMOTIONAL The human brain makes about 10,000 DECISIONS PER DAY, EMOTIONALLY BASED CAMPAIGNS SEE HIGHER PROFIT GAINS THAN ONES APPEALING TO RATIONAL THOUGHT. on average, many of which revolve around buying. OF THOSE DECISIONS ARE 90% 16% RATIONAL 25% COMBINED MADE SUBCONSCIOUSLY. HAPPINESS SADNESS FEAR/SURPRISE ANGER/DISGUST With the majority of our decisions made outside conscious MAKES US WANT HELPS US CONNECT MAKES US DESPERATE MAKES US MORE thought, consumers often aren't even aware of their thoughts or TO SHARE FOR SOMETHING TO By eliciting an emotional response, you can build a strong AND EMPATHIZE STUBBORN feelings toward certain brands. CLING TO connection with your audience, with impressive results. 95% YOUR AD HERE OF COC ON HAPPENS OUTSIDE THE CONSCIOUS Го YOUR AD HERE BRAIN, INSIDE THE SUBCONSCIOUS, 70% OF EMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS SHOWED EVIDENCE THAT EMOTION IN ADVERTISING (AKA, THE ア M EMOTIONAL MOST EFFECTIVE EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS CAN BE INDICATIVE OF AD SUCCESS. BRAIN). TRUST GUILT FEAR VALUE COMPETITION Once you understand your target audience on a subconscious BELONGING TIME level, incorporating emotional triggers will drive stronger INSTANT GRATIFICATION consumer interaction with your brand, ultimately amplifying sales. As science rapidly progresses, however, we now have a better LEADERSHIP understanding of how emotion affects consumers' reactions to TREND-SETTING brand awareness and marketing content-which can come in Microsoft very handy when put to the right use. SOURCES: ISPO NEWS | HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL | KISSMETRICS | ENTREPRENEUR | HUFFINGTON POST

Happy Sales to You

shared by ColumnFive on Jan 22
How brands can tap into emotions in order to drive consumer response. Via Microsoft Enterprise.


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