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Happy Birthday Google!

15 Google HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMELINE SEARCH STATISTICS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN By the time it took you to read this sentence 5 SEC 1997: Yahoo rejects offer to buy Google for 1 million dollars. 297,105 searches will have been made. In 1998, Google's first official year, annual searches reached 3.6 1998 million, which averages 9,800o searches per day. May 2000: The first 10 language versions of are released French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian & Danish. Today, search is available in 150+ languages. By the year 2000, Google's annual searches went up to 22 billion which averages 60 million searches per day. HOLA 2000 DEJA, CO Feb 2001: Google completes its first acquisitic purchasing April 1, 2004: Gmail is launched. Originally, Gmail was an invite-only service, but has become the most widely used web-based email provider. goo-gle Dec 2006: Google is added to the dictionary. October 9, 2006: Google paid $1.65 Billion for YouTube, even though they had an in house product called Google Video. O 2007 In 2007, Googles annual searches went up to 438 billion which averages 1.2 billion searches per day. Nov 2007: Releases Android 0111010101010 Sep 2008: CHROME is launched 101010100010 011001101010 Feb 2009: Google's first tweet! The powerhouse posted"I'm feeling lucky" in binary code. December 2012: Gangnam Style became the first YouTube video to reach 1 billion views In 2012, Google's annual searches reached up to 1.874 trillion which averages about 5.134 billion searches per day. 2012 HOTTEST TRENDS 3. HURRICANE 1. WHITNEY SANDY HOUSTON 2. GANGNAM STYLE 6. KATE MIDDLETON 4. IPAD 3 5. DIABLO 3 8. AMANDA 9. MICHAEL CLARKE TODD DUNCAN 7. OLYMPICS 2012 10. BBB12 MEPAIGE FAC FOR SALE Gogle Google Search I'm Feeling Lucky 28 Why is the homepage so plain? When Google was first launched, the founders knew barely enough HTML to create this very simple landing page, and certainly not enough for a fancy user interface. Ad space on the home page has been valued at $10 million dollars. Unfortunately, it's not for sale. And is likely to not be for sale in the foreseeable future. The sparsity has become part of Google's brand; the founders insist the words on the homepage do not exceed 28. The home page can also be viewed in Klingon, the fantastical language from Star Trek Google estimates the "I'm feeling lucky" button has lost approximately $100 Million in ad revenue, but execs refuse to remove it as users prefer to have the option, despite the infrequency of its use. The first Google Doodle originated as a Vacation announcement; the founders had to find SOME ways to let people know they'd be out of the office at Burning Man. COMPETITOR/MARKET SHARE FACTS: TABLET OS MARKET SHARE 67% 28.3% BROWSER MARKET SHARE Google Chrome Internet Explorer 43% 26% DAILY SEARCHES Google R 66.9% > bing 18% MOBILE ADVERTISING MARKET SHARE SMARTPHONE OS SHARE 53% 8+ 16% 16% 79% ONLINE AD REVENUE HIGHEST STOCK PRICE 8+ $38.6B $1028.33 (Oct. 29, 2013) $6.4B $705.07 (Sept 21, 2012) 8+ REASON'S WE'RE ALL JEALOUS WE DON'T WORK AT GOOGLE The Google offices don't have a dress code. You can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Exploring your personal style is highly encouraged. www :::: Google Google has an original, authentic T-REX DINOSAUR skeleton. His name is Stan. HELLO! I'M STAN Google's California office doesn't believe in lawn mowers. They reduce their carbon emissions by inviting a heard of GOATS complete with Shepard and boarder collie, to come pick weeds and trim the hedges. Not only is it thought that Google employees shouldn't have to walk no more than 150 ft. for their (always free of charge) food, the head chef is Char- lie Ayers, who previously cooked for GRATEFUL DEAD. SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOOGLE! MAY YOUR TEENAGE YEARS BE FAR LESss AWKWARD THAN ANY OF OURS. SOURCES: digital firefly Created by: Veronica Webb

Happy Birthday Google!

shared by DigitalFirefly on Nov 23
Happy 15th birthday to Google tracks Google from its beginnings all the way up to when they bought a T Rex (seriously...they have a T rex)


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