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Hamburger University

HAMBURGER UNIVERSITY Hamburger University has become the company's global center of excellence for training and leadership development. MCDONALD'S FACTS There are more than 32,000 restaurants that serve over 64 million people in 117 countries each day. In 1966, Ronald McDonald was introduced in a commercial. By 1971, he had made new friends. The first Happy Meal debuts in More than 80% of restaurants are independently owned. More than 75 McDonald's hamburgers are sold every second. delivers in 18 1979. Countries. 1 in every 8 American workers has been employed by McDonald's. McDonald's McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys. More than 1 Jay Leno worked here before claims the 68th million workers biggest economy. are hired annually in the U.S. e was famous. WHAT IS IT? It is a training facility designed to instruct McDonald's personnel in the various aspects of the business, including: Consistent restaurant Quality Service Cleanliness Value operations 3 LOCATIONS The first Hamburger University was founded in a McDonald's restaurant in linois. Fifteen students graduated that year. In 2010, a $36.6 million Hamburger University was built in Shanghai, China. 1981 1971 1997 Hamburger University instructs students from more than 119 countries. 1989 This corporate university was designed to instruct personnel in the many aspects of restaurant management. STRUCTURE STUDENTS: 5,000 students INVESTMENT: UNIVERSITY STAFF: attend annually was invested in 1983 HU uses a variety of learning techniques, includng elements of self-study and classroom training. 40% of senior 22 regional training teams in the U.S. More than 250,000 employees, suppliers and franchisees have graduated from HU management graduated from HU 64 full-time global HU Professors on staff More than 80,000 managers, mid-managers and owners have graduated from Hamburger University. UNIVERSITY FACILITY: 12 interactive education team rooms Interpreters can teach in 28 languages 13 teaching rooms 3 kitchen labs The very first students had to complete courses such as chemistry, marketing, and cooking so that when they graduated, they could help increase the company's profits. Restaurant employees receive about 32 hours of training in their first month with McDonald's. SOURCES: McDonald's I WalletpopI Business Insider I Huffington Post INFORMATION PROVIDED BY: ONLINE COLLEGES SA0 milion

Hamburger University

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This infographic provides information for McDonald's training facilities. It explains what Hamburger University teaches McDonald's employees. It also provides information about the University's staff ...


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