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Haggle Pitch Infographic

haggle Your World. Your Bargain. l AT&T 3:25 PM haggle til ATAT 3:25 PM 3:25 PM Your Bargain; 25 PM 3:25 PM Your Bardain Your Bargains Please note that you can only restaurant for each time p Flese note that you can t restaurant fer each tie DR chot you can ly select one ront for each time peried Happy Haggling Happy Haggling Happy Hagging Lunch: 12:00pm-3:00pm Discount Authoriza Please input the 4 digt o this location. N The Dutch E emerikan Nouvau Om on O eoresn de Verde appears Locande Verde cept your haggle but is o offer 7% haw's that? The Dutch nen would Ike to use his discount for this meal. 87 Almond Amerkan Noueb O im on O r Dinner: 8:00pm - 10:00pm Redeem Discount Restaurants Accept Offer Sushi Samba Fusion japanese STK Rooftop SIK Amarkan Nouvea ****I $$$S 8. eflering awayeffering O Cancel Set Party Size DISRUPTING COMMERCE NO PERSONAL CONNECTION POTENTIAL CUSTOMER BUSINESS "HOW DO I SHOW THAT "HOW DO I LOWER MY COST OF CUSTOMER ACQUISITION AND INCREASE CUSTOMER I AM A VALUABLE CUSTOMER?" RETENTION?" OTHERS HAVE #EPICFAILED OmnicomGroup GROUPON INC razorfish !HAVAS NASDAQ: GRPN AD ECOSYSTEM WPP PUBLICIS GROUPE GROUPON HAS LOST VC'S HAVE INVESTED IN OVER $1 BILLION IN HUNDREDS OF AD-TARGETING MARKET VALUE COMPANIES WITH NO RETURNS haggle REAL-WORLD METRICS USER'S DIGITAL DATA FOR BUSINESSES l AT&T 3:25 PM haggle HISTORY SOCIAL DATA LOYALTY LOCATION DATA INFLUENCE Restaurants STK Rooftop SIK away & offeringN of BANKROLL PURCHASE Set Party Size Party delais people DATA NEGOTIATE USING THE USER'S DATA FOR A PERSONALIZED PRICE l AT&T 3:25 PM laggle Laconde Verde LOYAL WoolLecande Verde would love your accepted your 10% HAPPY 10% No way Josel ating! CUSTOMER BUSINESS 10 MAVIC Great! Add To My Deals JIK 10OFTOP away & offering Sort Choices "I CAN SHOW MY REAL "I CAN ACQUIRE NEW 9:0op WORLD APPEAL TO MY CUSTOMERS AT A LOW COST FAVORITE BUSINESSES AND AND ENGAGE THEM ON GET A PERSONALIZED PRICE" THE LONG-RUN" MARKET SIZE - IN THE BILLIONS! $16.36 BILLION $42.50 6,390 60,000 AVG VALUE OF A MEAL ONLINE BOOKINGS PER YEAR / PER # OF RESTAURANTS RESTAURANT TAKING ONLINE BOOKINGS IN NORTH AMERICA NORTH AMERICA RESTAURANT MARKET RESTAURANT INDUSTRY 12% OF ALL ONLINE COMMERCE TOTAL DEALS MARKET Join us to MAKE HAGGLE THE PRICING 14I ENGINE for ALL COMMERCE ON THE INTERNET SV PPLY amazon haggle yelp* Google OpenTable / [email protected] / / !!!

Haggle Pitch Infographic

shared by Mrez22 on Jun 07
WIth this infographic, we can quickly give a product summary to investors, providing a visual story of why were founded, how our product works, and our market potential.


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