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Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People

MW HABITS OF THE MN WEALTHIEST PEOPLE The world's richest people come from a variety of backgrounds. There are, however certain traits that are common amongst them. WORLDWIDE FIGURES Millionaires 31,680,000 Based on 2013 US dollars Billionaires 1,426 THE WEALTHIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD > «« *BASED ON THE 2013 FORBES WORLD'S BILLIONAIRES LIST CARLOS SLIM HELU BILL GATES AMANCIO ORTEGA WARREN BUFFETT LARRY ELLISON $73 BILLION $67 BILLION $57 BILLION $53.5 BİLLION $43 BILLION Telmex Microsoft Zara Berkshire Hathaway Oracle HABITS OF THE RICH *BASED ON THOMAS C. CORLEY'S STUDY OF THE DAILY HABITS OF 233 WEALTHY AND 128 POOR PEOPLE mwFALTHY defined as earning at least $160,000 annually and holding at least $3.2'million in assets mw POOR defined as an income under $30,000 per year and léss than $5,000 in assets « THEY HAVE A ROUTINE > « THEY ARE HEALTHY > 100% Wealthy Poor WEALTHY 76% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 81% Maintain a 9% Exercise aerobically 4 days a week to-do list POOR 23% Wake up 3+ 144% 5:00 hours before work 3% JUNK FOOD CALORIES PER DAY Listen to audio books during 63% 100% 5% commute 75% Network 5+ 79% 50% WEALTHY POOR hours or more 25% |16% each month 0% 88% Read 30+ 300 CALORIES minutes or 2% more each day 86% Love to 26% read 100% TELEVISION HABITS 75% «« RAISING THEIR CHILDREN » 50% O Wealthy Poor Teach good daily Make their children Encourage their children read 2+ non-fiction books per month 25% success habits to volunteer 10+ hours their children per month Watch 1 hour or Watch reality less everyday TV Wealthy 74% 70% 63% O000 O O O Poor 1% 3% 3% «« THEY SET GOALS » 100% 80% 60% Wealthy 40% Poor 20% 0% Focus on Believe in lifelong educational Believe good Write down Believe bad habits their goals accomplishing a specific goal have a negative impact habits create self-improvement opportunity DEMOGRAPHICS « GENDER DIVIDE » CITIES WHICH CONTAIN THE MOST MILLIONAIRES 100% %24 LONDON 281,000 FRANKFURT 217,000 TOKYO 461,000 BEIJING 213,000 NEW YORK CITY 389,000 PARIS 219,000 Women as SHANGHAI 166.000 a percent of multimillionaire OSAKA 190,000 HONG KONG 187,000 population HIGHEST 23.8% PORTUGAL 10% WORLDWIDE 3.7% JAPAN LOWEST RAGS TO RICHES 68% of the 400 Americans on the Forbes 2013 "billionaires list" are considered "self-made" billionaires. Meaning they built, rather than inherited their fortune JOHN PAUL DEJORIA OPRAH WINFREY HOWARD SCHULTZ ....... ............ ........ -................. $4 BILLION $2.9 BILLION $2 BILLION Raised in the projects Raised in rural poverty and ran away from home as a teen due to abuse Lived in his car while in Brooklyn selling Paul Mitchell products door-to-door mw REMEMBER FOLLOWING THESE TRAITS WON'T NECESSARILY MAKE YOU RICH ..BUT THEY ARE WORTH A SHOT Sources BUSINESS-MANAGEMENT-DEGREE.NET DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 15
An infographic depicting the habits of some of the world's richest people. Do you wake up 3 hours before work?


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