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The Guide To Design A Construction Company Logo

GUIDE TO DESIGN A CONSTRUC ION COMPANY LOGO TRAITS YOU NEED IN A CONSTRUCTION LOGO STEADFAST FIRM DURABLE RESPONSIBLE HEARTY STEPS TO DESIGN A CONSTRUCTION LOGO FIND A LOGO TYPE There are different sorts of logos, ranging from word mark (text only) to emblem and symbolic, however for construction businesses, often combination mark is the best option. It brings both icon and text together to form a logo that is eye-catching and simple to recall. CHOOSE AN ICON When choosing an icon for construction logo, remember that icons play a major part in positioning brand's image in the customers' mind. Choose an icon that is relevant to the business and customize it to make it appear unique. Some of the popular icons include buildings, cranes, hooks, workers, compass and bulldozer, etc. SELECT A FONT Selecting the right font is critical. Pick a font that not just complements the mood of your construction logo but is also legible and visible across screens. We recommend sans serifs with sharp edges and straightforward strokes. COMPANΥ ΝΑΜ PICK A COLOR With so many colors out there, it may be hard to find the right color palette for your brand but worry not study your competitors or checkout leading logos/brands in the construction sector to take inspiration from. COMPANY NAME MIX AND MATCH The final step is to put everything together to design the final logo. Exper- iment with alignment and layout to find the perfect fit. Once done with the logo, make sure your logo is responsive, scalable to any size, compatible with industry standards and adaptable to any medium. COMPANY NAME dn DesignMantic

The Guide To Design A Construction Company Logo

shared by DesignMantic on Nov 30
Need a new construction logo? Not sure where to start? No worries. Designing a logo is simple if you have done your homework. Here are 5 quick steps to know how to go about your construction logo. ...


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