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A Guide to Choosing a Registration Software

CHOOSING A REGISTRATION SOFTWARE REGISTER NOw Why choose online registration software? 90% of applicants Веcause prefer an online registration option! You get paid faster! Everyone saves time! 35% increase in completed payments. 60 hours saved EVERY month on admin tasks. E 75% decrease in non-payment rates. O 25% increase in cash flow. increase in completed 27% applications. EE 15-30 days faster 25% more completed and payments. on-time applications. 3 Steps to Choosing an Online Registration Software For Your Organization Define your needs. Decide what is needed and what is nice to have. Decide what is most 3 important for YOU. Does the software offer these things? Ability to Ease of use Understanding Great Customer Good value expand according of your field. Service for what you get. to your needs. Look for solutions, not features! I Want To Register! 1. Define your problems. 2. Then ask yourself, does this software solve my registration problems? Tip! Ignore fancy features you probably don't need. Focus on YOUR problems and whether the software you are considering has a solution that meets your needs. SIGN> Software Pricing The 3 most common registration software pricing structures. 10 Price per Administrator Price per Applicant Fixed One-Time Pricing Price per Administrator Price per administrator is the most common pricing model. It's preferred because it's a good deal no matter the size of your company. Smaller companies need less admins and bigger companies need more. So smaller companies with a smaller budget, pay less. Simple! DO0 Pricing increases only as your business grows, so you can easily control your costs! Price Per A straightforward model that has you paying a small amount for each applicant that registers, usually $2-10. Applicant With this model you pay for your applicants. This can be fine when you have a small event, but can be pricey if you have many applicants. • This model makes it hard to budget for software because it's contingent on how many people do or don't register. This can be good for a small or seasonal organization. Fixed One-Time Fixed one-time pricing is probably the least used pricing model for software. Pricing This is usually a high upfront cost with additional fees when you want to make a change. This option can work well for an organization whose needs never change, and that is not a client-oriented business. Regpack Regater Charge Manage

A Guide to Choosing a Registration Software

shared by samantha.avneri on Nov 22
Choosing a registration software is sometimes an overwhelming decision process, with many steps. And while it isn’t something to just close your eyes and point to your choice, it is a process that c...


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