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Groupon Infographic

GROUPON Groupon recently made waves in the business world by turning down a reported $6 billion buyout offer from Google. Their unprecedented growth places them among some of the heaviest hitters in Internet startup history. Here's the story of how they made it happen, and why it could all come crashing down just as fast. The idea that would eventually evolve into Groupon was born out of the frustration site founder Andrew Mason felt when trying to cancel a cell phone contract in 2006. "I just thought, there has to be a large number of people with these same problems, and if we were united in some 2. way, we could leverage our collective power." Mason began developing a web platform, based on the eeleg polnt pri principal (the number at which an idea or cause reaches critical massi, that would utilize social media to organize collective action. Launched in November 2008, Groupon grew swif tly, expanding from a staff of a few dozen people to over 350 in just a year and a half. It's not just the staff that's booming, Groupon was estimated to be worth over $1 billion dollars after just 16 months in business. The only website to reach the $1 billion mark faster was YouTube, which did it in 12 months. 16 MONTHS Groupon makes its money by taking a commission on every "Deal of the Day" that gets triggered. A predetermined number of shoppers have to purchase the deal before any money changes hands. 75/75 BOUGHT! THE DEAL IS ON! S$S LOCAL BUSINESS GROUPON The combination of an ever increasing number of daily deals (not to mention an increasing daily deal price) and no physical inventory has been the key to Groupon's explosive growth. 8 The numbers behind the explosion Deals triggered on: That's an increase of 82% Total value of those deals: That's an increase of 428%! Groupon's gross revenue: That's an increase of 190%! Nov 6, 2009 17 $239,278 $14,075.18 Apr 10, 2010 31 $1,263,346 $40,753.10 AND THAT'S JUST ONE DAY. Groupon currentily serves more than 150 markets in North America and The site boasts a whopping 10 35 million registered users. 100 markets in Europe, Asia and South America. As dominant as that all sounds, there's one huge problem - the Groupon business model 11 is easy to copy: a. 200 Groupon copycat sites are currently operating in the United States. b. 500 copycats are open for business overseas, including 100 in China.

Groupon Infographic

shared by googlear on Feb 26
This infographic based on research gathered by, details the high and low points of Groupon's service.



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