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Graphic Designer Decision Tree

so you want to be a GRAPHIC DESIGNER do you have what it takes? Great. You passed the first test. You are obviously smart and don't want to be like all those other losers that we told to take a hike. Seriously? Then why did you stop at this table then? I think there is a shiny object floating up in the sky outside. Go stare at it and let me know if it moves. DO YOU o (YES) LOVE - NO ART? CAN YOU NO You might be cut out to be a creative manager in a studio or agency, but sorry, graphic design is not your thing. I hear there is a sale on Hostess YES .. DRAW products in the cafeteria. NO Perfect. Drawing skills are mucho importanto to being a successful graphic designer. Well, okay. You don't need to know how to draw if You should just go to the cafeteria and you have mad design skills. grab a twinkie with that bozo YES who has no desire to learn ARE YOU GOOD WITH NO anything new. PEOPLE? Good. Not ARE YOU PASSIONATE (YES) ABOUT ART AND GRAPHIC DESIGN? ARE YOU GOOD AT SIZE AND SPATIAL everyone is going to love your every idea. ARE YOU NO BALANCE BETWEEN OBJECTS ON A PAGE? (YES NO CREATIVE? Sometimes just having great ideas can get you places. YES YES DO YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL? Did I mention it Maybe a career in fine Okay, this is starting to feel like it is not a Nice. A Rock star sense of balance between would be nice if so far. you could draw, but passion for design is good. CAN YOU TAKE CRITICISM? arts is more I might say go to the cafeteria suited for great career path for you. you. Move to Austin and objects is a great skill to have. Nice save. to grab a delicious treat learn how to grow some sweet YES but you wouldn't listen Now were talkin. NO (YES CAN YOU VISUALLY YES NO dreadlocks. anyway. Then suck it DO YOU HAVE A SOLID NO -UNDERSTANDING YES OF COLOR THEORY? TRANSLATE A CONCEPT OR IDEA? YES This could be trouble. NO up, get over your bad self, and move ARE YOU GOOD AT TAKING DIRECTION FROM OTHERS? NO on. Sweet. You might have 5 to 10 things going on all at the same YES DO YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO CONTINUE TO GROW AND ARE YOU ABLE TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF? Ugh... You really need to be able to translate Uh oh... Not good. information into a time You're either color blind or visual form weren't paying attention in grade school art. Either way, you should understand it to be in this field. You need to LEARN? NO see a shrink. This is not CAN YOU FOCUS ON A TASK WITH AN EYE TOWARDS the career DO YOU LOVE A CHALLENGE? This might be a good point to head to the cafeteria and get yourself a ho ho. for you. But I know some Wow. You lost it there at the end. .. NO • NO And the finish line was so close! hip cats in the fine arts YES . COMPLETION? growing dreads. NO You might ARE YOU NO want to PERSISTENT? At least you can get something done, even if it is one thing at a time. ARE YOU GOOD WITH PEOPLE? figure a how to get out of your shell. Well then maybe you can just suck it up and muscle (YES.. NO YES through it. YES Well, you can get by by taking the easy route, but you might be frustrated. Perfect. Sometimes the simplest looking projects can be the most difficult. DO YOU EVEN LIKE PEOPLE? DO YOU NOTICE GRAPHIC DESIGN IN EVERY DAY LIFE? Interpersonal skills are so YES YES important in a communications field like this. Okay. You are just a freak of nature. THEN YOU TOO CAN BE A Turn over this sheet for some facts and GRAPHIC DESIGNER! figures about a career in Graphic Design NO You might have issues. Are you hungry for a cakey treat? NO O Don't worry... You will once you get going in this career! 8... 3)....... k... ..

Graphic Designer Decision Tree

shared by michaelpstout on May 19
This was meant to be a fun handout at a high school career fair to interest kids in graphic design as a job.


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