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Graphic Design is Good for Business

GRAPHIC DESIGN IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS presented by: invision BEST PLACES FOR DESIGN JOBS TODAY 5 THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE MOVING #5. SALT LAKE CITY, UT # 3. BRIDGEPORT, CT Average Salary: $55,064 Cost of Living Rank : 98 Percentage of Workforce in Creative Class: 30% Average Salary: $78,353 Cost of Living Rank: 147 Percentage of Workforce in Creative Class: 38% JOB TITLE position LOCATION #2. NEWARK, NJ city vs town EDUCATION Average Salary: $40,000 Cost of Living Rank: 107 Percentage of Workforce in Creative Class: 32% better prospects with better education EXPERIENCE #1. AUSTIN, TX better prospects with more experience # 4. SAN ANTONIO, TX WHERE YOU WORK Average Salary:$54,827 Cost of Living Rank: 94 Percentage of workforce in creative class: 36.8% Average Salary: $46,203 Cost of Living Rank: 93 Percentage of Workforce in Creative Class: 30% for yourself / small business / large design firm Cost of Living Rank - 100 is average GRAPHIC DESIGNERS INTERACTIVE DESIGNER UX DESIGNER INFORMATION ARCHITECT 26.3% GRAPHIC DESIGNER $48,000 $64,000 $87,000 $99,000 are SELF EMPLOYED median salary "The evolution from 'design' to 'design thinking' is the story of the evolution from the creation of products to the analysis of the relationship between people and products, and from there to the relationship between people and people. -TIM BROWN, AUTHOR OF CHANGE BY DESIGN (source: pp. 41 - 42) "It was about taking a process that was very, very complex, the process of being able to stay with another person on a short-term basis, and just removing all the complexities." - BRIAN CHESKY, CO-FOUNDER & CEO AT AIRBNB NOW, MORE THAN EVER, WE FACE COMPLEX PROBLEMS THAT DESIGNERS ARE UNIQUELY CAPABLE TO SOLVE BY INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS AND HUMAN FACTORS ----------------- O RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN proper website display and interaction on any device is now a standard WEB DESIGN TIPS O BRING ON A DESIGNER CO-FOUNDER FOR STARTUPS avoid "painting lipstick on a pig" by including a designer from the get-go O MAKE SURE TO STAND OUT good design transcends culture and language barriers OECOLLABORATE AND LISTEN the goal is a pleasurable overall experience: functional, beautiful, and simple STARTUPS WITH DESIGNER CO-FOUNDERS Pinterest atrbub O Square Instagram Ttypekit tumblr. CIOECUD vimeo NEW OFFICES Zappos airbab Pinterest EVERNOTE .como POWERED6Y SERVICE" REMEMBER EVERYTHING SHOES ONLINE BOOK UNIQUE ACCOMMODATIONS SOCIAL PINBOARD on linkedin EMPLOYEES: FOUNDED: 2007 FOUNDED: 1999 FOUNDED: 2008 FOUNDED: 2008 MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, 94041 SHEPHERDSVILLE,KY,40165 SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 94103 FUNDING TOTAL: $166M FUNDING TOTAL: $62.8M FUNDING TOTÁL: $ 120M FUNDING TOTAL: $138M 72 EMPLOYEES: 1,500 EMPLOYEES: 656 EMPLOYEES: 31 SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 94103 HOW MANY DESIGNERS DOES IT TAKE TO SCREW IN A LIGHTBULB? FROM STARTUP TO BIG BUSINESS, MAXIMIZE EXPERIENCE: DESIGN TEAM - INFORMATION ARCHITECT INTERACTION DESIGNER ******. organization of data ex. site maps and navigation ---------- good workflows information management defining what controls do and communicatíng their functions to users design the controls, mechanisms, and processes that users require to perform their goals good groupings of information software and languages: Oracle, Unified Modelling Language (UML) VISUAL DESIGNER USABILITY ENGINEER aesthetics of a user interface within branded guidelines background in graphic design- whether print or online measures a user interface's effectiveness with user related skills: illustration, animation, or photography analytics, and recommends corrections good aesthetics skills: questionnaire design, interviewing, test facilitation, format and software: testing software, and common industry format for usability testing UX DESIGNER overall responsibility for the design's experience leading and briefing all of the people in specialist roles skilled in all four of these areas enough to project manage and communicate with specialist roles Sources: quotes-from-change-by-design/ SAY GOODBYE TO THE SCRIBBLY LINES, LOW-FIDELITY LAYOUTS, AND TIRED UI WIDGETS THAT MOST PROTOTYPING TOOLS STICK YOU WITH InVision lets you create stunningly realistic wireframes and prototypes without compromising your creative vision inVISion

Graphic Design is Good for Business

shared by NowSourcing on Sep 05
Graphic design is not just excellent for business, it is a necessity to function as a business today.





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