Graphene The Strongest Known Material To Man

GRAPHENE The next time you write with a pencil, consider that you have one of the world's most powerful substances at your fingertips. is a single atomic layer of graphite, the same stuff used in pencil lead. Often described as having the shape of chicken wire, the atomic material is on track to change the technology industry. The Strongest The material is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon and almost completely transparent. Graphene is also considered the world's Known Material To Man thinnest materiai while being conductive, transparent and flexible. Graphene CURRENT MARKETPLACE FIRST GRAPHENE PRODUCTS m ITO Replacement High Strength Composites I Functional links m Super Capacitors (electrical) Super Capacitors (electornic) I Academic research I Sensors (replacement) - Sensors (new) 1 Other Companies I RFID lead announced their new Verbeck Materials graphene ink was used in the firet graphene product in 2012 range of graphene tennis rackets in early 2013. GLOBAL GRAPHITE PRODUCTION It absorbs 2.3% of white light that FIRST GRAPHENE IPO $12 US Billion comes in contact with it. Applied Graphene Materials went on the London Stock Exchange in November 2013. The high specification graphene business has a The graphene market is still small and driven by research related demand By 2018, graphene prodects are predicted to bring in over 100 million in revenue. Graphene products will have a range of applications including RIID, packaging. sensors and super capacitors, among others Market Graphite Demand Graphene's tensile strength is 130,000,000,000 Pascals (compared to 400,000,000 for steel) current market cap of 10 million. Bond to bond Jensth 0.142 Canada 2% North Korea Other Countries 6% nanometers 97 POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS Brazil 79% Transparency India 14% Materials Electronics Graphene vs. Silicon Anti-Bacterial Properties Scientists propose that graphine oxide kills bacterial cells Weight 0.77 milligrams per square meter Higher electrical conductivity Tewer atoms per transistor Smaller transistors witch CHINA 70% 6 atom wide transitor Coductivity Electrical Currents faster and use less power than larger ones, Silicon Graphene may revolutionine the Owe of the first graphene applications medical industry with Graphene based will be touchscreens, Given the can support transistors as 15,000 cm 2 v-s1 seasors for singde molecule detection flexibility ef graphene, you'll see the Bow as 10 nanoemeters and bio devices. rise of consumer electronics with conslsting of a couple flexible screens hundred silicon atoms. FLEXIBLE SUPPLY FOR GRAPHITE IS GROUPED INTO TWO FORM CATAGORIES Graphene only has a six CONDUCTS 10x atom wide transistor. CAN FLEX 20% BETTER HEAT THAN COPPER Super capacitors WITHOUT DAMAGE and Lion 40% FLAKE FORM hatteries. Using Since Graphene is one of the strongest 60% AMORPHOUS graphene in materials on carth, it can make stronger batteries may also Lower "band gap." This Silicon 0.7 V and lighter planes, trains and Improve charging basically means how mach automobiles and battery power vettage you need to make the by ten times Vs. transistor work. For silicon, the Graphene 0.2 V veltage is as lew as 0.7V. For Graphite demand is expected to increase by +50% by 2020. Demand from high tech applications is projected to be dramatic. A sheet as thick as saran grapheae, it can set down to wrap would take the weight of an elephant standing on a tip of a pencil to pucture it. About 02V Scientists at the University of Manchester believe graphene can be combined wich latex to form ultra thin Transistors. IRM has already developed Sources, and tough coadoms a 25OGRE 40m graphene transistor.

Graphene The Strongest Known Material To Man

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