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Google+ for Business

GOOGLE+ FOR BUSINESS ADD Google+ has been around for several months now, but most people are not using the social network to its full potential. Even if you have the basics down, it might be time to take a second look at this rapidly growing network. + 90 MILLION With more than users, Google+ is definitely worth paying attention to. [1] WHY GOOGLE+ IS THE PLACE TO BE New social networking sites pop up all the time, and you'd be wasting your time if you jumped on all of them. SO WHY IS GOOGLE+ A GOOD BET FOR BUSINESS? + Using Google+ can help customers find your business faster and easier. IT'S INDEXED BY GOOGLE + Creating a business page can help you increase visibility as well. + Easier to share and rank other people's posts and comments GOOGLE+ OFFERS A CLEANER EXPERIENCE + Variety of sharing options video. posts photos, etc. + Personalized circles + Follow who you want to follow and no one else IT'S HOPPING! + A whopping 60% of Google+ users log in every single day. + 80% engage on a weekly basis. [1] + In comparison, just 50% of Twitter users log in daily. [2] IT'S NEW AND ALREADY GROWING RAPIDLY + As previously mentioned, Google+ already has more than 90 million members, making it a good-sized network that is worth participating in. + But Google's strong network of users doesn't matter.. IT'S MORE ABOUT HOW YOUR BUSINESS CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS HUGE NETWORK. SHARING IS THE KEY - The entire purpose of a social network is to connect and share...Google+ makes this very simple if you understand the asics. HOWEVER, GOING BEYOND JUST SHARING A LINK OR TWO IS WHERE THINGS START TO REALLY HAPPEN. SHARE INFORMATION TO ENTERTAIN AND INTEREST YOUR AUDIENCE + Your business isn't of high + You are what you + Share information interest in most cases. share, so be consistent with your that benefits + What people really readers but builds want is more of YOU desired image. your brand, too. and your interests. WHAT INFORMATION SHOULD YOU SHARE? + Other people's links and tips + Your + Educational ideas information THINK OF A MAGAZINE + Providing original information is good, but more importantly, SHARE other people's ideas! THROUGH GOOGLE+, YOU ARE CURATING + Remember, when you * TIP FOR SUCCESS: share something, you are endorsing it, putting your brand behind it. Aim for an on-topic/off- INFORMATION, MUCH LIKE A MAGAZINE. topic ratio of 80/20. + Post several times a day to ensure that you reach followers around the world in different time zones. INTERACT WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS + If someone you trust shares a link, you are far more likely to check it out because you know they give you good information. BE THAT PERSON TO YOUR FOLLOWERS. BUILDING UP TRUST IS WHAT SOCIAL NETWORKING IS ALL ABOUT. + Comment on your + Respond to other people's + Use Google+ to +1 people's posts and shares, comments. comments. 12 10 GETTING IT 2" ALL DONE 34 4. + 15 MINUTES Look for info your circles would enjoy outside of Google+ + 10 MINUTES HOW CAN YOU BE Comment on + 15 MINUTES Engage in ACTIVE ON GOOGLE+ your own posts WITHOUT WASTING conversation TIME? + 5 MINUTES on a post Share a HERE ARE A FEW + 10 MINUTES Read posts by new post QUICK TIPS: others and comment BUSINESS PAGES TAKE NETWORKING TO THE NEXT LEVEL While many people are using the networking side of this social site, you're missing out if your business doesn't have a page there. BUSINESS PAGES ALLOW YOU TO ENHANCE YOUR BRAND BEYOND THE BASIC NETWORKING LEVEL ON GOOGLE+. EDUCATE FOLLOWERS + Let your circles + The more they know, + Video hangouts know more about your brand. the easier it is to can help detemine if yours is the product or consumers know how. service for them. CUSTOMER SERVICE + Make sure your customers + Offer videos or other media options to help are kept happy by responding rapidly to their questions and complaints. resolve common issues quickly and easily. BUILD A COMMUNITY + Tailor the + Give fans a place to talk FOR EXAMPLE, a diapering community to your location and your business. and share their company could host a forum on parenting. experiences. SHARE MEDIA LOOK FOR USER-CREATED CONTENT AND CURATE IT. + Add media to add interest and provide value. eBooks video reports photos GOOGLE AND GOOGLE+: WHAT IT MEANS SEO is always a consideration, and with Google+, the search engine giant is making it easier than ever to find social media links and Lorem psum dolor sit amet LANiptum dear t cona d odedd ag eferdeigut Lorem pum delee t ame Loniprum d s con adipidn Jeom ooum dely stamet Ce adipa Loen pum dew t come pn information with searches. POTENTIAL FACTORS FOR GOOGLE + Social connections + Sites on Google+ + Search results are affected by the + +1 links may rank higher in may hold more importance tend to be people you are indexed very search results. friends with on than links. quickly. Google+. QUICK TIPS FOR GOOGLE+ SUCCESS Business pages allow you to enhance your brand beyond the basic networking level on Google+. While many people are using the networking side of this social site, you're missing out if your business doesn't have a page there. + Look for people who are relevant to BUILD A RELEVANT AUDIENCE your business. + Define your audience by Location Topic Wealth, etc. demographic: THEY SHOULD BE USEFUL TO YOUR BUSINESS AND HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS ] QUALITY OVER QUANTITY CREATE A CAMPFIRE + While you need an audience, + A campfire is a shared goal or interest that draws people in and gives them a reason to gather. circle only those who: + Enrich the networking experience + Add value to the experience BE CONSISTENT + Keep your offline and BE SELECTIVE online business presence the same. + Provide continuity so your clients always know what to expect. + Don't accept anyone and everyone. + Set up your own criteria for choosing circles. Then follow it. WE ARE WHAT WE SHARE. Google+ has a lot to offer, and we've only just touched on a few of the great reasons to use it here. If you're serious about boosting your business through social media, this is where you need to be. Blue Glass B CHRIS BROGAN SOURCES: + [1],2817,2399108,00.asp [2] + [3] Google+ for Business ..*****--.....

Google+ for Business

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The swell folks at BlueGlass made a nifty graphic about Google+ for business, replete with all kinds of factoids and thoughts to consider. I’m not always a super fan of infographics, but there are c...


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