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Google: Behind the Numbers

Google: BEHIND THE NUMBERS IN 2010, GOOGLE HAD 129.3 THIS IS MORE THAN THE GDP OF THE 28 POOREST COUNTRIES COMBINED BILLION IN REVENUE %$4 SÃO TOMÉ AND PRÍNCIPE $214 M SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES $684 M SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS $676 M TUVALU $31 M KIRIBATI $152 M TONGA $363 M DOMINICA $476 M SAMOA $530 M COMOROS $574 M TIMOR- LESTE $628 M VANUATU $693 M SOLOMON ISLANDS $717 M GRENADA $789 M GUINEA- BISSAU $837 M BELIZE $1.4 Billion ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA $1.2 Billion SAINT LUCIA $1.1 Billion DJIBOUTI $1.1 Billion THE GAMBIA $1.6 Billion LIBERIA $989 M SEYCHELLES $937 M CAPE SIERRA LEONE $1.9 Billion CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC $1.9 Billion ERITREA $2.1 Billion MALDIVES $2.1 Billion BURUNDI $1.4 Billion BHUTAN $1.4 Billion VERDE $1.6 Billion LIST BY THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (2010) Despite all of G0OGLE'S products and services, 97% of that revenue is still from advertising. 3% Everything else. 52,500,000,000 of GOOGLE'S revenue comes from mobile ads, 2011 which is expected to double by the end of 2011. A large amount of this revenue is from AdWords purchases that are from less than legitimate sources targeting very shady products and services. MOST EXPENSIVE KEY WORD CATEGORIES: INSURANCE LOANS 12345 MORTGAGE ATTORNEY CREDIT In September, GOOGLE was fined S50o million for knowingly allowing Canadian pharmacies to advertise prescription drugs to U.S. residents. తితితికితితికి %24 LAW $ $$$ $ $ $ $ 8.505 billion GOOGLE profits for 2010 What makes GOOGLE'S massive revenue possible is that they RECEIVE OVER 1 BILLION UNIQUE VISITORS PER MONTH. 1 in 7 people in the entire planet i 4 4 4 4 4 K Who spend a total of 200 BILLION MINUTES PER MONTH ON ITS SITES. 444 444 O 200 minutes per visitor a month G4444444 Which amounts to FIRST HUMANS DINOSAURS EXTINCTION FIRST DINOSAURS FIRST VERTEBRATE LAND ANIMALS TODAY ++ 65m 38om 2m 23om 380,265,176 COLLECTIVE YEARS OF TIME SPENT PER MONTH. To make all this possible, GOOGLE consumes Which amounts to 260 million watts of continuous electricity -1/4th to power its data centers. the average nuclear power plant's output. In 2010, Google consumed over 2 billion Kilowatt-hours worth of energy. THAT'S 50% OF WHAT THE HOOVER DAM GENERATES IN AN ENTIRE YEAR! »Provided by« INI BUSINESSMBA .org SOURCES: 2010

Google: Behind the Numbers

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In 2010, Google had $29.3 billion in revenue. To put things in perspective, this is more than the GDP of the 28 poorest countries... combined! Despite all of Google's products and services, 97% of Goo...


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