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Google Ads and the War on Free Clicks

THE WARhee %23 00 & CLICKS mee How pay-per-click ads are TAKING ÓVER GOOGLE'S SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS and why that's good for marketers NOBODY CLICKS FOR KEYWORDS WITH HIGH COMMERCIAL INTENT ON GOOGLE ADS... RIGHT? 35.4% ALMOST % OF CLICKS ACCOUNT FOR of clicks are from go to sponsored results ORGANIC UNPAID RESULTS SPONSORED RESULTS THE BATTLEGROUND: HIGH COMMERCIAL INTENT KEYWORDS OF CLICKS for high commercial intent keyword searches Source: WordStream Research, July 2012. US advertiser data only. PEOPLE LOOKING TO BUY WHERE DO PEOPLE CLICK? A WAR ON TWO FRONTS OBJECTIVE: Vigorously attacking SEO web spam and raising the privacy bar (no more sharing search queries) make it hard to rank in organic search NORTHERN THEATRE OBJECTIVE: Search listings include larger, more relevant and engaging ad formats for any remotely commercial keyword search (crowding out less effective organic search results). SOUTHERN THEATRE PAID ADS ARESAINING GROUND Organic results account for just 14.8% of the above-the-fold pixels. On average, the top 3 spots take 41.1% of the clicks on this page. Sponsored Ads on high commercial intent keywords take up 85.2% of the above-the-fold pixels. Google stainless steel dishwasher Sign in SPONSORED LISTING ADS PRODUCT LISTING ADS Search Ads related to stainless steel dishwasher Shop for stainless steel dishwasher on Google shopping Web Why these ads Sponsored O Stainless Steel Washers -Get an Eco-Friendly Washer. Rated ENERGY STARO Most Efficient. Images Maps Videos Stainless Steel Dishwasher | - ***** 229 seller reviews Save On Quality Stainless Steel Dishwashers At Everyday Low Prices! 45,062 people +1'd or follow Lowe's Home Improvement + Appliance Promotions - Register for MyLowe's - Shop ENERGY STAR News Bosch Ascenta 24-i. FBD2400KS. $674.10 Lowe's Bosch 500 Series SHES. $739.00 Rainbow Ap. Erigidaire Frigidaire Professional $641.00 Abt Electroni. Shopping More $299.00 AJ Madison Home Depot - Dishwashers | - ***** 3,668 seller reviews Find a Wide Selection of Stainless Dishwashers at The Home Depot. 45,493 people +1'd or follow The Home Depot GE Adora Dishwasher. Built-in Tall Tub . GE Profile Dishwasher. Built-in Dishwasher in GE Dishwasher. Built-in Tall Tub Dishwasher in Louisville, KY Change location On average, 19.6% of the clicks of product $749.00 $899.00 $599.00 related clicks come from this section. Show search tools EGHD2433KE Frigidaire Ga. LOF6920ST. $576.76 Warehouse. Engidaire Gallery Serie. FFBD2407. $649.00 Elite Applian. LG Engidaire Stainless Steel Dishwasher from 10153 126 Items 1-25 of 500 - stajess steel Jetclean Plus Dishwasler Stainles $719.99 $349.00 Homeclick.c. ORGANIC RESULTS On average, the top organic listing MAY 2012, GOOGLE TRANSITIONED PRODUCT SEARCH TO A "PURELY COMMERCIAL MODEL" gets just 8.9% of the clicks. Stainless Steel Dishwasher - ( hel-dishv ABOVE THE FOLD Stainless Steel Dishwasher - eauno ne 2 Cuilt-In Dishwasher w/ Stainless iee e viruis, Kenmore Built-In Dish vasher with .. By GE By Blombera - Brand - By Hobart Stainless Steel Dishwasher BELOW THE FO EEBD2407LS IFrigidaire 2 stal IF AN ADVERTISER BUYS ADS OF TRAFFIC GENERATED BY THE SEARCH ADS 89% IS NEW TRAFFIC OUTSIDE OF ORGANIC REACH. FOR KEYWORDS THEY ALREADY RANK FOR ORGANICALLY TOTAL CLICK THROUGH RATES FOR GOOGLE ADS ON HIGH SU2 2475 | OF PEOPLE COULDN'T IDENTIFY PAID ADS 45.5%| ON THE SEARCH ENGNE RESULTS PAGE IF THERE WASNT A RIGHT COLUMN, ACCORDING TO A SURVEY. ore she hen s for COMMERCIAL INTENT QUERIES ARE UP TO 600 TIMES HIGHER luilt her view THAN THE CLICK THROUGH RATE FOR ADS pan ON A TYPICAL FACEBOOK PAGE iles 288- Steel Disnwasner Hose at Lowes ofers a ement products that are available for purchase ... WORDSTREAM REPORT ON FACEBOOK ADVERTISING, MAY 2012 Save on All Stainless Dishwashers Shios Free + 10Yr Warrantv + No Tax SEO vs PPC WHO TAKES THE SPOILS OF WAR? Different keyword types drive different value to businesses. search TYPES OF KEYWORD SEARCHES EXAMPLES OF KEYWORD SEARCHES WINNER somebody who is THESE KEYWORDS ARE BETTER FOR PPC. READY TO BUY SOMETHING "Toaster Oven Reviews" SSS HIGH COMMERCIAL INTENT KEYWORDS PPC "Best Internet Marketing Software" People trying to buy products or services "Stainless Steel Dishwasher" somebody who is "Kenmore Dishwasher" $$ BRANDED KEYWORDS ALMOST READY TO BUY "Nikon d800" "2012 Ford Focus" "177 Huntington Ave #16 Boston MA" somebody looking for LOCAL KEYWORDS | SOMETHING NEAR THEM "Johnnies Pizza" 2. "Coffee shop" "The war of 1812" QUESTION & INFORMATIONAL KEYWORDS SEO somebody who is "Who is Thomas Edison?" WANTING TO LEARN "When is the election?" THESE KEYWORDS ARE BETTER FOR SEO. VALUE TO BUSINESSES / High Commercial Intent Keywords are worth much more to businesses than informational keywords. KEY BATTLES IN THE WAR ON SEO WEB SPAM Google warns 1 million websites about unnatural links and orders Google cracks down on "thin content" and ad-heavy sites. Up to 12% of search results are affected. webmasters to cease and desist these manipulative activities. PANDA UPDATE- GOOGLE ANALYTICS UPDATE MATT CUTTS THREATENS TO PENALIZE SEOS THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE SEO WORLD PENGUIN UPDATE AKA the "Over Optimization Penalty," or "OOPS." Google devalues sites for keyword stuffing and spammy links. FEB 2011 OCT 2011 MAR 2012 APR 2012 00 MAY 2012 00 Changes to Google Analytics and increased privacy browser options reduce data available on organic search queries. AdWords is the only place to get valuable keyword data. "over optimization'or 'overly' doing their SEO, compared to the people FREE CLICKS ARE GETTING MORE COSTLY. OC who are just making great content. we want to make that playing field a little bit more level." Matt Cutts @ SXSW in March 2012 SEO TEAM IN 2008 • SEO Specialist SEO TEAM IN 2012 • SEO Manager • Link Builder/PR guy • Blogger/ Content Author • Social Media Marketing Guru • Web Developer · Etc. New Sponsored Ad Formats: GOOGLE'S PRECISION GUIDED MISSILES ARE LIKE ADVANCED WARFARE, HELPING MARKETERS GO IN FOR THE KILL. GOOGLE'S AD OPTIONS While site owners who rely only on organic results have much less control. REMARKETING Allows companies to track site visitors with a cookie and chase them around the web, displaying relevant banner ads until they click and convert. EMAIL ADS Prompt viewers to provide an email address right from the SERP which marketers can then use to spnn send email-based offers. CHALAUS Prompt viewers to open a chat window with a sales guy - get those leads while they're hot! CLICK TO CALL ADS This powerful mobile ad format lets customers call a business phone number with the click of a button. ROLTOM-OF-PAGE ADS ► Catch their attention before they click to page 2 or try to refine their search. MEGA SITELINKS Offer viewers up to 10 additional places to click, greatly increasing your chances of presenting them with a relevant link. SOCIAL AD EXTENSIONS Show who has +1'd your site, which lends credibility and potential name recognition. MAP/LOCATION AD EXTENSIONS Display your address and phone number to local searchers, enticing them to visit you faster. Advertise only to customers in your target market. SO WHO'S WINNING THIS WAR? Neither side can declare victory yet – but the powers are shifting. PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING (PPC) ORGANIC SEARCH LISTINGS (SEO) PPC BATTLES WINNING SEO BATTLES WINNING O Near domination of search results for commercial keyword searches O New, engaging ad formats drive very high click-through rates and ROI O Still incredibly dominant for low-value informational keyword searches PPC BATTLES LOSING SEO BATTLES LOSING O Difficult for beginners O Google makes it easier to spend than save O Increasingly difficult to measure O Increasingly difficult to execute O Increasingly costly to execute O Increasingly unpredictable results "I don't think the [SEO] industry will die a quick death or die all at once. More likely is that people slowly get marginalized while their profits decline & they lose personal freedoms. There was a golden window of oppor- "It's one of the most important rules of search engine optimization. Don't depend solely on SEO... tunity for about a half-decade...and the door is I'm always surprised when people fail to leam this lesson. starting to close" Those hit hard by last week's Penguin Update are just the latest to learn it again." Danny Sullivan - Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land Aaron Wall, Founder of SEO Book photo: DO YOU ADVERTISE ON GOOGLE? presented by Find out how you're doing with the FREE AdWords Performance Grader. WordStream produced by sources Research Produced By WordStream, Inc. Not official Google Research. Google and AdWords are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.

Google Ads and the War on Free Clicks

shared by NowSourcing on Jul 26
A look at the ever changing Google landscape of search results. Is Google declaring war on SEO? Will PPC prevail?





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