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The Good Book Of Colors: The Essential Guide For Business!

THE GOOD BOOK OF COLORS THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE USE OF COLORS IN BUSINESS RED: Red is the color of rage and power. It grabs attention and gets the job done. Cherry Red Wine Red Blood Red Mahogany Red Ruby Red 會 RETAIL BREW HOUSE PHARMACY INTERIOR DESIGN JEWELRY COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS BLUE: Blue is the most widely used color worldwide. It is the color of trust, calm and pride. Oxford Blue Sapphire Blue Powder Blue Persian Blue Tiffany Blue ACADEMIC BANK TEXTILE CONSTRUCTION PACKAGING COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS PINK: Pink is the universal color of love. It conveys , beauty, elegance and sweetness. Salmon Pink Peach Pink Fushcia Pink Rosewood Pink Magenta Pink BAKING MEDIA INDUSTRIAL DECOR COSMETICS WOMEN FASHION COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS YELLOW: Yellow is the most unpredictable color. When done right, yellow induces hunger boosts confidence. I and Gold Yellow Blond Yellow Medallion Yellow Canary Yellow Dijon Yellow JEWELRY HAIR SALON AUTOMOBILE GEM AND STONES CONSTRUCTION COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS GREEN: Green is the environment friendly color that lends a warm feeling of health, financial stability and commitment. 24 Lime Green Juniper Green Shamrock Green Emerald Green Basil Green BEVERAGES AGRICULTURE FINANCE ECO NON-PROFIT NATURAL CARE COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS PURPLE: - Purple is the monarch of all colors. It is the perfect hue for luxury, elegance and prestige. Mauve Purple Plum Purple Mulberry Purple Violet Purple Sangria Purple LUXURY FASHION HAIR/BEAUTY INTERIOR СНОCOLATE WINE/BREW HOUSE COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS ORANGE: Orange is peppy and fun. It tempts users with an energetic positive vibe and makes them feel empowered. Tangerine Orange Bronze Orange Marigold Orange Ginger Orange Amber Orange ADVERTISING FURNITURE FLORISTRY TRANSPORT STONEMASONRY COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS Brown is the tone of the earth. It expresses BROWN: the feeling of openness, warmth and ассeptance. Mocha Brown Caramel Brown Tawny Brown Brunette Brown Taupe Brown COFFEE FOOTWEAR COSMETICS HAIR SPA PETROLEUM COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS Black is the most fortunate and esteemed BLACK: hue of all times. It exudes modernism, ' drama and pure elegance. Jet Black Charcoal Black Obsidian Black Metal Black Pitch Black FASHION TECHNOLOGY RELIGIOUS CHEMICAL BARS COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS WHITE: White is the color of perfection. It is associated with light, goodness, purity 1 and peace. Natural White Berkshire White Lime White Antique White Dusk White 11 WEDDING INTERIOR FOOD FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY COMPLEMENTARY COLORS CONTRADICTORY COLORS dn DesignMantic

The Good Book Of Colors: The Essential Guide For Business!

shared by DesignMantic on Feb 06
Color psychology is a very important thing in graphic design. You must understand the vibes and messages purported by a color, to be able to use it to its full potential and to make your design work. ...


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