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Going Green in the Workplace

Going GREEN in the Workplace WHY SHOULD I GO GREEN? 55% The amount of water saved by producing recycled paper as ONCE 120 8 Billion compared to virgin paper. Recycled paper also takes 60-70 percent less energy to produce than paper from virgin pulp. The number of times that most of The number of tons of steel The number of gallons of gas saved If every commuter car in the U.S. carried just one more person. the more than 25 billion cartons saved if every U.S. office worker used one less staple a day. manufactured in the U.S. are used. IT ADDS UP! ENERGY HOGS AT WORK 1 office worker = a quarter ton of materials each year (including 10,000 pieces of copy paper). Your computer is one of the biggest energy hogs at work! • It is estimated that people waste over $1 billion dollars a year in computer energy consumption. • Use an energy saving monitor, computer, and printer. • Use the 15/30 rule, Monitors and hard drives go to sleep after 15 minutes and system standby after 30 minutes. 40% = carbon dioxide emissions from heating, cooling, and powering the office space. • No Screensaver! A computer in sleep mode will save nearty 300 Ibs of carbon doxide emissions a year. 1.3 Billion = CO, emissions produced by commuters in a year. • Urplug at the end of the day. Shut down ALL electronics instead of Just putting in sleep mode when the work day is done. HOW CAN I HELP? Think REUSABLE BOTTLES: Only 27% of plastic bottles are recycled! Grab a reusable bottle drink from during your workout and throughout the day. BAGS: Instead of throwing sweaty gym clothes in plastic bags, use a washable doth bag. It will help keep the landfills dearer and your gym bag cleaner! Go PAPERLESS Think WIRELESS 1.5 pounds per day – that's the number of paper thrown out by each employee in an offlce. That's 350 paper waste pounds per year or 2.5 tons for a small office with 15 employees! CHARGERS: Instead of plugging your phone into a wall charger, consider using a solar or battery operated charger. And then your phone is done charging, unplug or unhook it from the charger! Reduce your waste paper impact by trying out the follow tips: Think COMMUNITY • Instead of printing out a presentation, use a screen-sharing service in a meeting for participants on their computers. • Set printer default to print double-sided. RECYCLING: Instead of tossing out your old athletic sneakers, donate them to be turned into playgrounds, tracks, and tennis or basketbal courts. • Create a scrap paper collector in a central location for all employees to use. MPACT: Create a green committee at work to help generate new and Innovative ways for your employer to go green. • Only print emails and documents that are absolutely necessary. Sources: Culen Lisa. "Gong Green at the Office." Time Magazhe. 2007. Avalable at http:/,9171,1830552,00.htmla ezzzUELOJB. Accessed August 6, 2013. KrK, Rona. "Green Your Workout: 7 Eco-Frlendly Filness Tips." The Beauty Bean. 2012. Avalatle at http:/ Accessed August e, 2013. Makeower, Joel. "Between the Sheets." Atout com 2006. Avalable at ittp:// Accessed August 6, 2013. "Golng Green: By The Humbers." Tree Hugger. 2008. Avalable at http:/ numbers. Accessed August 6, 201a. "How To Go Green at the Orfce." Mother Nature Hetwork. 2013, Avallatle at htp:// Accessed August 6, 2013. MediFit

Going Green in the Workplace

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We can make a big impact by greening our workplace. Taking a few simple steps like bringing a reusable water bottle or lunchbag can make a huge impact.




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