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Going Green

Going Green Making the jump to an eco-friendly office doesn't have to be hard or costly. Making small changes in the various aspects of your work can save you money, energy and most importantly, the environment! IIIIIIIITII…- Workspace.. Paper Use paper with a high percentage of post-consumer content with minimal use of chlorine bleaching. Use misprints or scrap for note taking 555-63-34 Meeting @ spm and print on both sides where possible. 555-28-98 Optimisation Optimise settings on your computer to suit your needs and adjust power saving options where possible. Choose the shut down option over standby where possible. Supplies Use every last drop of ink in your pen and avoid unnecessary supply usage. The UK would save around 120 tons of steel if every office in the UK used one less staple a day! At The Office. Appliances Only plug in what's needed, when it's needed. When it comes to the tea break, don't overfill the kettle. In the UK, we waste £68 million a year in energy by boiling water we don't need. PPP Lighting Space lighting efficiently in the office. Opt for florescent or LED lighting where possible, and always remember to turn lights off when the room is not in use! Workspace Rearrange the workspace to take advantage of natural light and ventilation. Natural light has been proven to increase worker productivity and satisfaction. From A To B. Commuting Carsharing to work will drastically reduce your carbon footprint, bit it's not just energy you save. Sharing your commute with 2 other workers could save you around £260 a year! Homework Why not cut the commute all together and work from home. With the aid of instant message and video calling, more companies are adopting flexible working patterns. Transport Opt for greener travel options such as public transport, a bike or simply good old fashioned walking. Not only is it great for the environment but it also keeps you healthy! Source office principles total business interiors

Going Green

shared by Lianne86 on Sep 20
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Graphic demonstrating the benefits of being green in the business world from cycling instead of driving to LED's instead of standard bulbs.


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