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Global Gold Mines and Deposits Rankings 2012

VISUAL CAPITALIST GLOBAL GOLD MINES AND DEPOSITS RANKING 2012 Research provided courtesy of Roy Sebag and Natural Resource Holdings How rare are 1 million+ oz gold deposits? After examining data from all public, private, and government sponsored companies, research shows there are 439 undeveloped deposits or producing mines. 3,002,652,165 oZ COMBINED, THESE DEPOSITS HOLD: (Includes Proven, Probable, Measured, Indicated and Inferred. No metallurgy or pit designs applied.) OF IN-SITU GOLD IN 113.9 BILLION TONNES OF EARTH. Let's see that in context. ALL GOLD MINED IN HUMAN HISTORY At least 28% of this will never be I recovered due to inefficiencies in modern metallurgy and pit design. Arc de Triomphe DEPOSIT SIZEI TOP TEN LARGEST DEPOSITS (MILLIONS OF oz) DEPOSIT NAME LOCATION PRODUCING GRADE G/T CONTAINED OÜNCES OWNERSHIP HERE'S HOW THOSE GOLD DEPOSITS ARE DISTRIBUTED BY SIZE: USA (ALASKA) NORTHERN DYNASTY/ ANGLO AMERICAN PEBBLE 0.33 107.3 GRASBERG 0.56 88.1 INDONESIA FREEPORT MCCORAN KSM DEPOSIT 0.51 63.9 CANADA (BC) SEABRIDGE GOLD NATALKA 1.70 58.9 RUSSIA POLYUS GOLD 19+ LIHIR 2.10 56 PAPUA NEW GUINEA NEWCREST GOVERNMENT OF ÚZBEKISTAN 16-19 MURUNTAU 2.49 50 UZBEKISTAN MPONENG 12.60 49 5 SOUTH AFRICA ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI 13-16 OLIMPIADA 3.22 47.5 RUSSIA POLYUS GOLD 10-13 OYU TOLGOI 0.38 46 MONGOLIA IVANHOE DONLIN CREEK 2.21 45 USA (ALASKA) BARRICK / NOVAGOLD 7-10 4-7 1-4 THE GRASBERG MINE INDONESIA 100 80 60 40 20 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 The primary resource produced at Grasberg, the largest gold mine in the world, is actually copper. Grasberg holds 88 million oz of gold - but it holds well over 10,000x more copper! PRODUCING DEPOSITS NON-PRODUCING DEPOSITS AND HERE'S WHERE ALL THAT GOLD IS L0CATED: PERCENTAGE OF GOLD (TOTAL OZ) BY REGION *Rounded percentages 34% 2% 성 100 TOP 12 COUNTRIES 17% 430,680,300oz WITH THE MOST 1 MILLION+ DEPOSITS 17% 17% 12% COUNTRY NUMBERS IN OUNCES 50 435,214,884oz 45 40 35 30 25 220,435,120oz 20 127,857,000oz 222,102,701oz 15 83,422,000oz 148,726,66602 101,173,000oz 141,786,000oz 10 53,598,0440z 58,689,900oz 73,768,722oz CANADA USA MEXICO PERU COLOMBIA CHILE ARGENTINA BRAZIL SOUTH AFRICA GHANA RUSSIA AUSTRALIA THE GRADES THE PEBBLE DEPOSIT ALASKA, USA DIFFERENCES IN GEOLOGY MEAN THAT SOME COUNTRIES HAVE DEPOSITS WITH FAR HIGHER CONCENTRATIONS OF GOLD. The largest undeveloped gold and copper deposit in the world. It will begin the permitting process later this year, which will cost upwards of $100 million USD. HERE'S WHERE THE GRADE IS HIGHEST: HIGH GRADE GOLD DEPOSITS ARE BECOMING INCREASINGLY RARE. TOP TEN COUNTRIES BY GRADE (GRAMS PER TONNE) HERE IS THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE 439 DEPOSITS BY GRADE: DEPOSIT OVER 5 G/T DEPOSIT OVER 10 G/T 10 15 20 SOUTH AFRICA 20+ * CANADA PRODUCING DEPOSITS E USA 189 18-20 EQUADOR RUSSIA 16-18 BRAZIL NON-PRODUCING DEPOSITS AUSTRALIA 250 14-16 O ARGENTINA INDONESIA 12-14 COLOMBIA 10-12 TOP TEN DEPOSITS BY GRADE (GRAMS PER TONNE) 8-10 GRADE CONTAINED LOCATION G/T DEPOSIT NAME PRODUCING OWNERSHIP OUNCES 6-8 HÖLLISTER 32.81 2.5 USA (NEVADA) GREAT BASIN GOLD TAUTONA 23.03 4.9 SOUTH AFRICA ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI MOAB KHOTSONG 21.37 20.3 SOUTH AFRICA ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI 4-6 SAVUKA 18.96 3.1 SOUTH AFRICA ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI DVOINOYE 17.82 1.3 RUSSIA KINROSS 2-4 BRUCEJACK 17.45 17 CANADA (BC) PRETIUM RESOURCES KENCANA 17.17 1.4 INDONESIA NEWCREST 0-2 F2 DEPOSIT 16.55 2.8 CANADA (ONTARIO) RUBICON MINERALS KIRKLAND LAKE 16.39 2.3 CANADA (ONTARIO) KIRKLAND LAKE MINERALS 80 60 40 20 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 CERRO BLANCO 15.52 1.9 PERU GOLDCORP AVERAGE GRADE (PRODUCING MINES) AVERAGE GRADE (TOTAL) AVERAGE GRADE (UNDEVELOPED DEPOSITS) 1.06. 0.82 0.66. G/T G/T 1.10 1.00 0.90 0.80 0.70 0.60 0.50 0.40 0.30 0.20 0.10 0.00 THAT'S A 37% DROP FROM G/T PRODUCING TO UNDEVELOPED. From this data, it is clear that large, high-grade gold deposits are truly a rare asset. Natural Resource Holdings Research provided courtesy of Roy Sebag and Natural Resource Holdings. VISUAL CAPITALIST Educating a new generation of investors on resource investing and managment VISUAL CAPITALIST IN MILLIONS OF OUNCES NUMBER OF DEPOSITS OVER 1 MILLION OZ GRAMS PER TONNE

Global Gold Mines and Deposits Rankings 2012

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Thanks to Roy Sebag and Natural Resource Holdings for having us involved in this project. Roy’s team did some excellent research to see how truly rare a 1 million oz gold deposit is and our job was...


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