Global Ecommerce Markets: What Opportunities Exist for Online Retailers

Global Ecommerce Markets What Opportunities Exist for Online Retailers? ECOMMERCE WORTH BY COUNTRY £10Bn £58Bn CA £25Bn £48n RU UK DE £12Bn £8Bn IT ES £55BN £11Bn £26BN £174B. JP CN FR £2Bn IN USA £11Bn BR £18BN AU AVERAGE ANNUAL ECOMMERCE SPEND PER INTERNET USER K £1145 A £1011 Australia £715 USA £586 France £550 Japan II £411 Italy £394 Germany I+l £383 Canada £299 Spain O £158 Brazil £63 Russia E£24 India £22 INTERNET PREDICTED GROWTH IN USERS CURRENT USERS GROWTH BY 2013 486m CHINA +140m 101m E INDIA +200m 71m O BRAZIL +22m 61m RUSSIA TTTT+42m 45m 1I FRANCE +4m 30m 1I ITALY +6m ICHINA EINDIA O BRAZIL POPULATION 1.3Bn POPULATION 1.2Bn POPULATION 192m 36 47% 27% 8% 37% 49 % 2011 2013 2011 2013 2011 2013 486m 626m 101m 301m 71m Users Users 93m Users Users Users Users RUSSIA TITALY TIFRANCE POPULATION 142m POPULATION 60m POPULATION 65m 72% 59% 76% 69% 43% 49% 2011 2013 2011 2013 61m 2011 2013 103m Users 30m 36m Users 45m 49m Users Users Users Users COUNTRIES WITH THE LARGEST PREDICTED ECOMMERCE 4.7 Bn GROWTH BY 2013 INDIA £2.4Bn 3.5Bn 2.5Bn Звп 2.6Bn FRANCE ITALY BRAZIL CHINA RUSSIA SOURCES Per Capita: Population: Internet penetration: Internet Users: SEARCHLABORATORY Global Search Engine Marketing 2 Year Growth Forecast:

Global Ecommerce Markets: What Opportunities Exist for Online Retailers

shared by karlyoung on Jul 08
The infographic identifies key statistics for those looking to expand their business into a foreign market. Overseas markets offer growth opportunities for online retailers and with the rise in ecomme...


Karl Young


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