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At a Glance: What Factors Make up Your Electricity Price?

AT A GLANCE: WHAT FACTORS MAKE UP YOUR ELECTRICITY PRICE? ENER-G YOUR COMMERCIAL ELECTRICITY BILL DOESN'T JUST INCLUDE RAW ENERGY COSTS. HERE ARE SOME OF THE OTHER FACTORS THAT GO INTO THE PRICE OF POWER AND THESE ARE INCREASING YEAR-ON-YEAR! Wholesale energy Wholesale energy makes up 50-66% of your total electricity bill WHAT FACTORS MAKE UP YOUR ELECTRICITY COSTS? Amount paid on average by medium-sized businesses per MWh for wholesale electricity: £54 A variety of factors make up UK business power prices. Here are some of them: DUOS Once the electricity has reached the high-voltage substation, it is distributed to the customer's premises, which also involves fees. These are fed through to business energy prices in the UK. Wholesale Power BSUOS Feed-in-Tariffs GB average DUOS HDCA Climate Change Levy Increase in total revenue of the UK's electricity distribution industry in 2013-14: 2.6% GB average TNUOS Renewables Obligation TNUOS Energy generators and suppliers must use the electricity transmission grid to get power across the country to a local distribution point. The costs for this are passed to the customer. Half-hourly meter costs have increased by 10% 10.0 BSUOS Energy generators supply energy to the national grid and take it back from the grid when needed. Keeping the system in balance costs money. Energy companies pay a Balanced Use of Service payment, and pass it on to you. 8.0. HDCA The HDCA is a charge paid by all electricity users in Britain to supplement the high costs of power distribution in Scotland. These charges have increased by 20% RO 6.0 Energy providers have mandatory renewable energy Customers pay for it, in the form of increased business energy prices from renewable obligations (ROs). ets, but renewable energy is expensive to produce. RO charges have risen from 0.643 p/kWh to 0.865 p/kWh Feed-in Tariff (FiT) The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) is a levy on UK energy users, to subsidise those people who ch0ose to produce their own energy and share it with the electricity network. 4.0 .- FIT charges have increased by over 15% to around 0.25 p/kWh CLIMATE CHANGE LEVY 2.0. The Climate Change Levy is effectively a tax on fossil fuels, paid directly by businesses in the UK. CCL charge is currently 0.524 p/kWh and set to rise to 0.541 p/kWh by 2014 Find out more - download our eGuide When a Fixed Energy 0.0 When a Fixed Energy Contract isn't Fixed Contract isn't Fixed wh Co 2012-13 Charging Year 2013-14 Download eGuide Now p/kWh

At a Glance: What Factors Make up Your Electricity Price?

shared by PJP16 on May 01
Your commercial energy bill doesn't just include wholesale energy costs. Here are some of the other factors that go into the costs of your power.




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