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Getting the Grad in 2016: Smart Recruiting Strategies

Getting the Grad in 2016 SMART COLLEGE RECRUITING STRATEGIES An estimated 2.8 million university graduates will enter the United States workforce this spring. ALL JOB OPENINGS internships, seasonal 5% jobs, part-time, and That's a major prospective talent pool looking to fill just 5% of jobs available, geared toward new college grads. And it's also a lot of potential recruits to weed through. temporary positions Rethink Your Recruitment Approach How can you ensure your recruitment efforts stand out from the rest? It's time for a new game plan to save recruiter time in a highly competitive job market and maximize your talent acquisition strategy. WHAT MILLENNIALS WANT IN A JOB A staggering number of students are graduating without jobs, so they are aggressively on the hunt now for the right job when they graduate. 5 IN 6 2015 COLLEGE GRADS HAD NO JOB PROSPECTS O 72% 1 care about what the company does 86% 14% 9% I think the company is cool I've had a good experience 6% with the company in the past No jobs or career prospects post-graduation Steady, post-graduation career-type jobs lined up Someone I know works there or used to work there 3% 10% Other Get Savvy The growing Millennial talent pool has turned traditional college campus recruiting on its head. Connecting with today's tech-minded, brand-oriented students goes beyond campus career fairs and corporate giveaways. To capture this talent pool's hearts and minds, it takes a more savvy approach than ever before. SHOWCASE YOUR COMPANY CULTURE Jobvite's Job Seeker Nation 2016 study notes the importance of marketing your company's differentiators to applicants looking for their best lifestyle fit. 81% of Millennial Jobvite respondents used social media to research the company culture of organizations where they were interested in applying. KNOW WHAT TURNS THEM OFF Millennials have experienced the following obstacles in their job search over the past 12 months, negatively impacting their search. Outdated job openings 41% Poorly optimized mobile career sites 26% Minimal social presence 17% STAY TECH WITH THE TIMES Don't let archaic recruitment methods make you miss out on a key segment of highly qualified applicants. Streamline Application Processes 42% of job seekers prefer an online application process through a company's career portal over all other means. Mobile-Friendly Recruitment 83% of job seekers use mobile job search apps. Social Media Savvy 70% of Millennials used social media to find their current or most recent job. BUILD MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS Some of your best new employees will be referrals from current employees-making your workers some of your best recruiters. Engage your teams to amp up your college recruiting efforts through alumni programs, friends, and family. 50%+ of hires at top firms will come from quality employee referrals. 25% of Millennial job seekers say employee referrals helped them find their most fulfilling jobs. Today's upcoming class of college graduates is among the most tech-savvy, innovative, and talented-so make sure you're doing everything possible to attract, hire, and retain them. SOURCES: "2015 AfterCollege Career Insight Survey," AfterCollege "83% of College Students Don't Have Job Lined Up Before Graduation," 2014, AfterCollege "Culture: Why It's The Hottest Topic In Business Today," 2015, Forbes "Job Seeker Nation Study 2016," Jobvite "Ready to Land a Job? Simply Hired Data Reveals Plenty of Opportunities for New Graduates," 2014, Simply Hired "The Multi-Screen Job Search," 2014, Beyond "The Top 10 Bleeding Edge' Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2015," ERE Media "U.S. Millennial College Graduates: Young, Educated, Jobless," 2015, Newsweek Jobvite COLUMN FIVE

Getting the Grad in 2016: Smart Recruiting Strategies

shared by ColumnFive on May 04
Learn how your brand can go beyond the career fair to bring in top-tier candidates with our latest infographic. Via Jobvite and Column Five.


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