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Getting Ahead in Business with Body Language

gengo Getting ahead in business with Body Language WHY IS BODY LANGUAGE IMPORTANT IN BUSINESS? Humans can produce... Over Over 700,000 signs 5,000 distinct hand gestures Over Over 250,000 facial 1,000 different expressions postures How do we take in the world around us? 82% 11% 7% Eyes Ears Other senses What information do people remember? 10% 20% 80% Oral Visual Oral + Visual It takes 7 seconds to make a judgm about a person when first meeting them There are six universal visual signals Наppiness Sadness Surprise Disgust Anger Fear Effectiveness of communication 55% 38% 7% Body language Tone of voice Words Proxemics "The interrelated observations and Public space theories of man's use of space as a Social Space specialized elaboration of culture" Personal space Intimate space - Intimate: < 46 cm < 46 cm - Personal: 46 cm - 1.2 m 46 cm - 1.2 m - Social: 1.2 m - 2.4 m 1.2 -2.4 m - Public: 2.4 m + 2.4 m+ How to ... HOW TO MEET A POTENTIAL CLIENT Situation Meeting a potential client Goal Establish a relationship of trust as quickly as possible Tips Mirror the client's behavior Be open to your new friend Don't back away when the client is speaking Stay close, but not too close HOW TO PRESENT DURING A PITCH Situation Presenting during a pitch Goal Coordinate your body language and your content Tips Move towards the audience, not slides, on important points Avoid looking at the screen or computer Focus on the audience HOW TO ENCOURAGE A COLLEAGUE TO SPEAK UP Situation Encouraging colleagues to speak up Goal To get people to participate, make them feel safe Tips Move towards them O Align yourself physically - face in the same direction Nod in support of what they say Smile and stay positive when they are speaking HOW TO TAKE CHARGE OF A TEAM Situation ...? Taking charge of a team Goal Engage in dominating, but not aggressive behavior Tips O Keep your head held high Keep your shoulders back Don't slump O Lean forward when you talk • Lean back when you want others to talk HOW TO SOCIALIZE WITHA CLIENT Situation Socializing with clients Goal Keep it professional, polite and personal Tips O Pay attention O Make eye contact Smile and nod frequently. Don't flirt No personal grooming • Don't interrupt O Find areas of common interest HOW TO DISAGREE WITHOUT MAKING ENEMIES Situation Disagreeing without making enemies Goal State your opposing point of view but use your body language to support the other person Tips Raise your eyebrows slightly to show receptivity Smile and nod frequently Touch the person appropriately in a non-threatening way HOW TO NAIL AN INTERVIEW Situation Nailing an interview a bc de Goal Establish trust and friendliness as quickly as possible Tips Lean in to the interviewer when you are speaking Mirror the interviewer physically O Stay open with your body language so you don't appear defensive HOW TO DEAL WITH AN ANGRY COLLEAGUE Situation Dealing with an angry colleague Goal Show your colleague you understand what they are feeling Tips Spread your arms out about a foot beyond your waist on either side of your body O Keep your palms facing down Listen and reflect emotions HOW TO ASK YOUR BOSS FOR A RAISE Situation Asking your boss for a raise Goal Align yourself with your boss to build agreement Tips Mirror his/her behaviour, then initiate new body language • Sit or stand very still, except to nod O Focus completely on your boss Keep your torso and face pointed towards him/her Dr. Nick Morgan, Public Words Inc. gengo Engleberg, Isa N. Working in Groups: Communication Principles and Strategies. My Communication Kit Series, 2006. page 140-141 communicate freely. Paul Martin Lester, "Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication," California State University at Fullerton, 1994-1996. Mehrabian, Albert (1971). Silent Messages (1st ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Getting Ahead in Business with Body Language

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It takes 7 seconds to make a judgment about a person when first meeting them. Make it a great lasting impression.




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