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Get Your Small Business Ready For Take Off

Get your small business ready for Successful small businesses know that TAKE OFF incorporating just a few simple practices into your growth strategy can maximize sales opportunities. Identify the right tactics to support your sales and marketing goals. "ahem. What exactly IS a achieve them. Start with your marketing plan? " Your marketing plan will identify sales goals for the year and the strategies you will use to branding, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies; then layout the methods you will use for each of those four strategies. New Business A good marketing plan will help you to invest money in campaigns that will generate revenue. 10 to 25% of your first years sales should go into your marketing budget. "okay. So how do I increase Existing Business Review sales records and identify your best customers; allocate some of your funds to market to them. What does your business do better than its competition? Target your marketing messages to play up those advantages my sales? " Increase sales to new customers Increase sales to existing customers Assign a media budget to cover the costs of placing ads serving your target market. Cross-sell related products/services; or "up sell" by suggesting a similar but pricier product/service. If you can, get a booth at a relevant trade show (or simply attend), nab sales leads and follow up with them right away. A rewards program will encourage repeat business. You can also modify your product/service to be consumed more frequently. Partner up for a promotion with other non-competing businesses that serve the same market. Create "buy here - save there" type offers. Invest in customer care and perks; keeping your existing customers will cost you far less than it will to attract new ones. Quality products/services Delivering high quality goods allows you to set premium pricing for them. Refer to your commitment to quality often, and extend your lines so trusting customers will buy more. "Got it. Price If your prices are high and customers are paying, your mission is to find more customers willing to do the same. If your prices are low, focus on volume, ensure customers buy more during each visit. But how do I make sure my business stands out? " Delivery speed Make it tough for the competition by guaranteeing delivery time. Invest in your internal operations so that what you promise is on time, every time. Charge a premium price for your "rush" service. Customer Experience Look for ways to add more to the customers' experience without adding to your costs; and promote the level of service customers can expect when they buy from your business. "Great. If you have very little to spend Word-of-mouth is very effective and costs nothing. Ask your customers to refer your business to others who may benefit from what you have to offer. Now what can I do with my budget? " Communicate regurlarly with clients or prospects through newsletters and press releases that offer tips/advice. Do some networking at functions that your prospects attend. Develop an introduction that highlights the benefits of doing business with you. If you have a moderate amount Congratulations! Try pay-per-click advertising next to keywords relevant to your business, or place small banner ads on websites that are proven to attract your targets. By completing these steps and performing these marketing tactics, you're well on your way to growing your business to the next level! Distribute flyers and brochures in locations visited by your customers. Include a trial offer to entice contact. Purchase prospect lists from mail brokers according to your target market's age, income level, location, occupation and recent purchases. CANADA fastbusiness The source for Canadian small business & entrepreneurs

Get Your Small Business Ready For Take Off

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Successful small businesses know that incorporating just a few simple practices into your growth strategy can maximize sales opportunities. Identify the right tactics to support your sales and marketi...


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