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Get to Know the Organizational Monsters Who Feast on Your Collaborative Efforts

Get to know the Organizational Monsters who feast on your collaborative efforts These Organizational Monsters work together to undermine collaboration, scramble communication, botch coordination, neglect culture, distract focus & break process. Once these Monsters infest your teams, they will force you to lose time, money, credibility, & momentum. "BLACK HOLE' "CIRCLE OF STRIFE' "CREEP Beware that your boards, committees and teams don't fall Into a 'Black Hole' Don't trade your life Cycle for the 'Circle of Strife "Creep' sneaks up on you when you've lost your focus НАВITAT: Collaborative Groups НАВITАТ: Lifecycle HABITAT: Scope RELATED TO: "Quicksand' Subtlety Where managers lack control over the vision and/or process "Wing It Disorganization RELATED TO: "Meetapalooza' RELATED TO: WEAPON: Distraction WEAPON: WEAPON: FOOD SOURCE: Boards, committees & FOOD SOURCE: Lack of process in FOOD SOURCE: teams who are neither efficient nor effective place for planning from start to finish Creep's personalized license plate generates lots of funny looks FUN FACT: FUN FACT: Circle of Strife hopes to open a bed and breakfast in Vermont one day for monsters, villains and disgraced politicians FUN FACT: Black Hole says he eats his brussel sprouts but actually feeds them to the dog under the table "DIS RESPECT LEFT & WRITE' LOOP Nothing undermines co-operation more than 'DIs Respect When Left & Write' aren't talking, you don't know If progress Is belng made Chaos ensues when the right people aren't in the Loop' Stakeholder Management HABITAT: Cooperation Whatever Competition Apathy or an unhealthy sense of competition On a dare in 1998, Dis Respect got a tongue piercing which he kept in for 3 years НАBITAT: НАВТАТ: Situation Status "Wasteful Neglect FOOD SOURCE: Status of progress is unknown RELATED TO: RELATED TO: RELATED TO: "X-Lack" WEAPON: WEAPON: FOOD SOURCE FOOD SOURCE: Information that does not travel to the right people on time through official channels FUN FACT: FUN FACT: The other monsters mock Left & Write for carrying a murse (man purse) FUN FACT: Loop once dressed up as the jukebox from Happy Days for a Hailoween party "MEET APALOOZA' "QUICKSAND' WASTEFUL' Watch out because 'Meetapalooza' is a snoozer When you don't look ahead, you can step lIn 'Qulcksand When you don't treat resources as preclous, you are Wastefuľ HABITAT: Meetings НАВITАТ: Risk НАВITАT: Resources RELATED TO: "Black Hole "Creep" RELATED TO: "Left & Write RELATED TO: WEAPON: Conflict WEAPON: Fear WEAPON: Misuse FOOD SOURCE: Individual bad FOOD SOURCE: Where potential problems are not seen or blatantly ignored FOOD SOURCE: Thoughtless consumption of meetings or a culture that generates consistently unproductíve meetings resources FUN FACT: FUN FACT: Quicksand likes to prank the other monsters by hiding things and making them search for hours Wasteful's favorite song is "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits FUN FACT: Meetapalooza has been known to throwa fit when someone takes the chair he was planning to sit in WHATEVER' "WING IT' X-LACK' If accountabll ty Is missing, Whatever' Is not You can only 'Wing It' for so long before lack of planning becomes a problem Efforts die on the vine when X-Lack' Is all the support you get Accountability "Dis Respect Resentment FOOD SOURCE: Anywhere people are not liable for their undesirable behavior Whatever has been НАВITАТ. RELATED TO: WEAPON: FOOD SOURCE: Anywhere p НАВITАT: RELATED TO: Planning "Circle of Strife Improvisation Executive Support НАBITAT: RELATED TO: Loop' WEAPON: Indifference FOOD SOURCE: Lack of sustainable support on initiatives from leadership X-Lack likes to steal candy from little kids but only it watching WEAPON: eopl e are 'making it up as they go' Wing It is a card carrying member of the Fabio International Fan Club FUN FACT: FUN FACT: FUN FACT: known to pickpocket tourists when in a large crowd hey are The only thing Organizational Monsters are afraid of is Planosaurus. PLANOSAURUS helps you vanquish organizational monsters When people work together effectively in a structured way, they can produce better ideas faster and with fewer resources. Not to mention, when collaboration is successful, it can actually be fun. At Planosaurus, we help organizations improve how they approach and manage work of a collaborative nature. To help vanquish your Organizational Monsters, we offer services that help you reap the benefits of collaboration so you can work more effectively with the people and resources you have. Contact Planosaurus today to see how you can use collaboration to generate better ideas, improve results & reduce costs. A Planosaurus [email protected] · 443-746-3311 P.0. Box 2267 Easton, MD 21601 • Copyright © 2014 Planosaurus. All rights reserved.

Get to Know the Organizational Monsters Who Feast on Your Collaborative Efforts

shared by planosaurus on Feb 16
Planosaurus unveils a monstrous new Infographic that explains why your organization loses time, money, credibility and momentum when people work collaboratively


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