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Gender Inequality in the Legal Market

Gender in the Legal Market by Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein This study analyzes law firm invoices collected by Sky Analytics from corporate legal departments from companies with over $1 million in annual outside legal spend. The data set spans over $3 billion in legal spend and over 40,000 attorneys and timekeepers across over 3,000 law firms. Do male and female partners enjoy pay equality? -10% rate/hour National Average -8% -16% -6% -12% -20% -7% Across the U.S. women earn 10% lower rates than their male counterparts. This pay inequality is especially prounounced in the Mountain and South Central regions where rate disparities rise to 16% and 20% respectively. Does law firm size affect gender pay equality? Larger Firms Smaller Firms Partners -10% -12% rate/hour rate/hour Women are billed at significantly lower rates per hour than men, no matter what size of firm they works at. The average female partner's hourly rate is $47 less per hour or 10% less than her male colleague's ($426 vs. $473) at top tier firms. The difference is even more significant at smaller firms: Females are billed at $64 less per hour or 12% less than males at ($498 vs. $562). Does gender affect role within law firms? Paralegals Associates Partners Female roles tend to be skewed towards entry level positions. Do men and women work the same hours? +24 mins/day Female partners bill 24 minutes per day more than male partners. Male and female associates bill about the same number of hours per day, while female paralegals bill 121 minutes - or 22% - less than male paralegals. +13% weekend hours Male Partners work 13% more on the weekends (7.8% for males vs. 6.9% for females). Among all roles, male paralegals work 38% more on the weekend compared to their female counterparts (8.2% for male versus 5.6% for females). Do men and women perform the same work? Based on UTBMS task codes in billing, there are specific "female jobs" and "male jobs". 177 majority gender 4 Analysis/Strategy (TR120) Word Processing (E130) Discovery On-site (L360) Fact Investigation (L110) Operations (B200) Depositions (L330) Do men and women work on the same size matters? 93% Male Majority Large Matters (More than 20 timekeepers) Teams 81% Female Small Matters Majority (Less than 5 timekeepers) Teams Larger matters tend to be lead by male dominated teams and smaller matters tend to be lead by female dominated teams. This study has been brought to you by Sky Analytics, the leader in legal spend analytics. To learn more about how we help companies better manage outside legal spend and increase value received from outside counsel SKY OØ ANALYTICS please visit

Gender Inequality in the Legal Market

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Patterns of billings and price realization demonstrate profound differences by gender. Men are billed at higher rates irrespective of tenure. Activities create “male” and a very few “female” a...




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