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Gen Y Can't I Get a Job?

Gen Y can't I get a job? 53% In the U.S., the average length of unemployment: 6 months of recent grads are unemployed Average college grad is $25,000 in debt Total student loan debt is over a trillion dollars Underemployment occurs when employees are overqualified for the jobs that they are working more than total credit card debt ALLEP Generation Y made up of those born in the 30'S AND 90'S - is facing gloomy job prospects, but it's not just recession keeping them down Reasons why they aren't getting jobs O Overqualified + Competition I Location, Location 63% According to the U.S Baby Boomers are delaying retirement, so new grads are facing compelition with older, more experienced people Census Gen Y is 40* less likely to relocate to of Gen Y workers have a Bachelor's degree a new state to search for work than workers in the 1980's O Addicted to Social Media 9 Overconfident According to a survey by Cisco, Parents have raised Gen Y to have a sense of entitlement 56% of Gen Y won't accept jobs from companies that ban social media Did No Child Left Behind (NCLB) do more harm than good? NCLB is a 2002 Act of Congress that supports standards-based education reform: States must implement statewide assessments in order to receive federal school funding According to Educational Psychologist Melanie West, NCLB's "dríl and kill" curriculum has destroyed creativity and ingenuity A 2008 study showed that NCLB directly contributed to lower graduation rates exas in What does Gen-Y have going for them? They like to work for small companies They are more entrepreneurial than any other generation In 2012, 47% were working at companies with less than 100 employees College students are 1.82 times more likely to major in Entrepreneurial Studies now than ever before They are tech savvy Gen Y is great when it comes to new technology and social media What to avoid in an interview Inappropriate attire Visible tattoos Twitter TMI Ir's better to overdress for an interview than underdress Cover tattoos with long sleeves, if possible Employers don't want to hire anyone whose social media sites could reflect poorly on their company What can you do to STAND OUT when applying for a job? Focus on what interests the interviewer Know what the company is about You're essentially selling a product- your work- to the interviewer Before an interview, read up on the company's business, clients, and accomplishments Ask questions Ask questions about the work atmosphere, how the hierarchy works, etc. Sources hitp:// http://www.census gow/prod/201lpubs/acs-15 pdt hitp:// hml hitp:// http://www.sciencedaly.comeleases/2008/02/080214080530 htm hitp:// generation-y-cont-get-ajob-no-gumption-no-get-up-and-go Presented by Adecco pdt on_he_economy/t/gen-y-no-jobs-lots-loans-grim-future better work, better life

Gen Y Can't I Get a Job?

shared by NowSourcing on May 30
This infographic provides a deeper look into why Generation Y is having such a hard time finding jobs out of college.




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