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Gateway Aruba - business hub for entering Latin America

GATEWAY ARUBA YOUR NEW BUSINESS HUB FOR ENTERING GLOBAL MARKETS THE LATIN AMERICA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IDEAL CIRCUMSTANCES IN THE REGION Growth Strong domestic demand Young educated Great Political Growing middle class. to increase natural stability. 3.5%* population. resources. *2013 projections GROWING MARKETS. GROWING OPPORTUNITIES. Jlul. GDP GROWTH % 12% The Latin American and the Caribbean economy is growing at around 10% 3-10% 1 6% 4% while Europe and USA are growing at around 2% 0% |-4% Brazil Argentina Colombla Panama Mexico Costa Rica Netherlands Germany Italy USA LATIN AMERICA VS EUROPE Vs USA FDI INFLOW sO WHERE ARE FOREIGN COMPANIES INVESTING? In 2012 the "favorite" for foreign investment was IN $ BILLION BRAZIL 80 BILLION DOLLARS 60 Hot favorites: MEXICO COLOMBIA 19.6&13.2 Brazil Argentina Colombia Panama Mexico Costa Rica ARUBA AS YOUR GATEWAY. WHY ARUBA? Europe North America Aruba Latin America THE PERFECT MEETING PLACE O Central location easy to reach from both EU and Latin America. Direct flights from EU: The Netherlands, U.K. Sweden. Direct flights from Latin America: Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador. Why meet in Aruba? ARUBA IN FIGURES CAPITAL SIZE CLIMATE TIME ZONE POPULATION GDP GOVERNMENT LANGUAGE US$ 2.5 billion. Projected growth: 3.1% in 2013-2014 Tropical 82°F (28°C) Approximately 108 thousand Time zone is Oranjestad 12°31'N Aruba is Government Dutch (official) 193 square Atlantic Papiamento (local language) English, Spanish. type is Standard Time (AST) 70°1'W kilometers citizens. average temperatures Parliamentary democracy. [ BUSINESS & PLEASURE ][ WORLD CLASS TOURIST DESTINATION ] 10 KM З ТОР 365 NICE 17 GREAT of white sand beaches. class golf courses gourmet restaurants comfortable hotels [ STEPPING STONE TO LATIN AMERICA ] [STEPPING STONE TO NL AND EU] Aruba is the perfect hub for businesses wanting to enter European or USA markets. Aruba "The EU in the Caribbean' > Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands • Knowledge hub for EU businesses entering LatAm. > Easy access to LatAm from a central location. > Safe and convenient place for warehouse and parts storage. > Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and this presents unique trade possibilities with the European Union. • Trade agreements for import into EU countries. (OCT and CBI4) • Aruba has Immigration Pre-Clearance for USA and soon for EU too - this guarantees a stable, business-friendly legal system. your business travel couldn't be more convenient! SUSTAINABLE ENERGY Did you know Aruba is probably the most sustainable place in the Caribbean and South America? 100% > In 2020 Aruba will be 100% fossil fuel free. > Aruba is collaborating with the Carbon War Room and TNO?. • Green certification program through TNO. > Windmill park provides 15% of the total energy capacity the island. 15% > Green Zone - Smart offices under construction. THE OPPORTUNITY FOR SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Has the technology Increasing market for sustainable technology and ideas. The sustainable knowledge hub. Ideal conditions for wind and solar technology testing. LATIN AMERICA HOLLAND ARUBA and 'know how'. LOGISTICS IMPORT & EXPORT IN 2011 1.2 Billion USD of Imported Goods. Top Goods. PORT KLM AVIANCA 15.397 IM COPA FOOD PRODUCTS A MACHINERY & ELECTRO A CHEMICAL PRODUCTS A AA $228 Million $211 Million $114 Million GOL Containers in 2012. AIR CANADA JET BLUE X AIRPORT 147 Million USD of Exported Goods. Top Goods. EX 34 2.043.000 FOOD PRODUCTS A PEARLS & PRECIOUS STONES A ART OBJECTS $116 Million $7.3 Million $4.8 Million Airlines Passengers in 2012. [ ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT LOCATION ] [ STABLE BANKING SECTOR ] Outlook for 2013 11.3% growth in private investments 21.2% growth in public investments. Aruba has four strong banks that comply with the highest international standards. Some recent EU and LAT AM investors in Aruba ARUBA BANK CARIBBEAN MERCANTILE BANK > TNO Caribbean > Schiphol Group > Juan Valdez > Repsol > Gasunie > Gerrit Rietveld Academie BANCO DI CARIBE RBC ROYAL BANK ARUBA [USD] US dollar accounts may be opened. There are incentives in place for certain types of investment and businesses. BBB Fitch Rating - Stable Outlook Welcome to Free Zone Aruba GREEN GATEWAY FREE ZONE ARUBA Europe I MONTH 2% North America Aruba provides a link between North and South America and EU where you find: The average time from intake to having your business up and running in the Free Zone Aruba. Profit Tax, Ideal for Trade, Technology. Services, Ecommerce. O Aruba Latin America • National Innovation • Investment Promotion • Business Growth • Empowered Consumers FOREIGN EXCANGE COMMISCION IMPORT DUTIES TURNOVER TAX CORPORATE TAX [ARUBA CORPORATE PROFIT TAX 28% ] [ARUBA FREE ZONE 2% PROFIT TAX] BRAZIL ARGENTINA COLOMBIA PANAMA MEXICO COSTA RICA NETHERLANDS GERMANYS ITALY USA 34% 35% 33% 25% 29% 30% 25% 36.30% 27.50% 35% FOOT NOTES SOURCES 1. CBI - Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Netherlands, OCT -Overseas Countries and Territor ies. 2. TNO Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO. 3.Export and Import figures include FZA import and export activity. Aruba two steps ahead. Supplement to USA TODAY, produced by United World Ltd. 2013 Index of Economic Freedom. The Heritage Foundation in partnership with the Wall Street Journal. White Paper - Aruba Gateway. Europe Meets the Americas 2013. Europe Meets The Americas. Presentation by Michelle Winklaar, Minister of Economic Affairs, 4. In Brazil, the standard corporate tax rate is only 15 percent, but a financial transactions tax, 10 percent surtax, and 9 percent social Social Affairs, and Culture of Aruba. 26 March 2013 contribution on net profits bring the effective rate to 34 percent. 5. In Germany, the federal corporate tax rate is 15.8 percent (15percent plus a 5.5 percent solidarity tax), but trade taxes raise the effective top rate to 36.3 percent. Free Zone Aruba. Aruba Economics Affairs. Central Bureau of Statistics, Aruba. Europe Meets the Americas, 2013. FreeZone Aruba produced by

Gateway Aruba - business hub for entering Latin America

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As more and more businesses are looking towards Latin American markets - Aruba has emerged as an ideal business hub for entering the region.




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