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Gamification @ Work: Design your industrial playground

ALL ABOUT Gamifcation Design your own 'industrial playground' DID YOU KNOW? BREAK THE BOREDOM 70% *** 63% Y Of F500 companies will implement some form of game mechanics in 2014 of American adults agree that making everyday activities more like a game would make them more fun and rewarding ? ABSENTEEISM AND PRESENTEEISM Money in productivity lost by preventable illness and poor wellness 153 BILLION Even worse, presenteeism (going to work when sick) cost: 180 BILLION 11 We Love games MILLIONS OF TICKETS SOLDIN THE UK LOTTERY EVERY WEEK 32 VALUEINBILLIONS OF WWLOTTERY TICKETSIANNUALI 245 THERE ARE 2KINDS OF STRESS Financial Difficulties DISTRESS Fatigue Discouragement Eustress Distress Over-work Rollercoaster PassionateEUSTRESS Kiss Stress We're lhard wired to seek and overcome The dopamine Joop. challenges Challenge Pleasure Achieve Status Dopamine causes you to want, desire, seek out, and search. It increases your general level of arousal and your goal-directed behavior 6 CASE STUDY By focusing on optimizing employee health through gamification, NextJump delivered these benefits. = Mental Health Improved Productivity Physical Heath Lower Healthcare Costs | nextjump Better Sleep & Eating Patterns Better Retention To motivate their sedentary, programmer workforce, they began to track and reward staff for working out. The company split into teams mixed with people who already worked out at the gym, and those who didn't. Rewards were more about recognition, badges and small gifts like t-shirts, dinner vouchers & cinema tickets. 80% were eventually working out regularly Holding Companies have big advantages over other large organizations trying to launch a schemne like this. In this setting, operating companies are accustomed to commercial competition with each other. So it would be easier to ignite a spirit of friendly competition in a networked system of rewards for meeting fitness goals. the three ways you can do this ® Managed Scheme (eg:, Hardware Based tracker (eg: Fitbit, Nike+) Software / Mobile App (see below) EFFORT A STEP IN THE RIGHT. DIRECTION sleepbot TRACK RUNS/STEPS RUNTASTIC: activity tracking, no gadgets TRACK SLEEP? Intuitive sleep cycle tracker TRACK EVERYTHING MOVES: activity tracking, no gadgets BEST PUT THE PRIZES ON DISPLAY IN THE OFFICE B CREATE FRIENDLY COMPETITIONES] DON'T OVER-THINK THE LAUNCH PRACTICES ALLOW MORE WINNERS WINNER It doesn't need to cost a fortune to reward people ROOKIE Badges are easy to create. And make playing more fun! HUNTER Personalize. #LIKEABOSS The system should appeal to different human needs helped the team compete 1 gained status & was recognized I feel closer to my team I got fitter & Feel better Intrinsic Extrinsic 75% 60% 45% 30% of current gamified enterprise applications will fail to meet their objectives, due largely to poor design 15% HAVE FUN DESIGNING YOUR INDUSTRIAL PLAYGROUND and if you enjoyed this infographic, share it! Sources: 1. Gartner - 2. JW Intelligence- effect/#axzz2cXE907W8 3. James O'Donnel - Scholarworks. 4. eLottery Syndicates - 5. The Gamification Revolution - Gabe Zicherman Copywright 2014 #TalentMagic Productivity COST rformance Burnout

Gamification @ Work: Design your industrial playground

shared by theblunterheadhunter on Jan 06
This project was built out to help me focus my thinking on ways to use Gamification for employee engagement, vitality & health programs.


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