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Gaining the Competitive Edge with E-Signatures

By GAINING THE COMPETITIVE EDGE WITH E-SIGNATURES Adincoln X. Despite their known value in the workplace, e-signatures still evoke questions and hesitation. Like a wet signature, e-signatures capture both intent and consent but are also enhanced with several components that ensure security and legality. Myths About E-Signatures ?? Not meeting face-to-face for the signing will cause confusion over terms They're not legally enforced Anyone can type in a name or intercept a file: they're insecure NONE OF THESE MYTHS ARE TRUE The Truth In 2000, the ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) Act is approved by Congress, making electronic contracts legally binding and equal to handwritten signatures E-signatures are like seals or handwritten signatures, but many feel they're actually safer thanks to digital signatures and encryption technologies that offer higher security Fraud is easier to detect with e-signatures because any alteration is easily exposed - on the other hand, con artists can forge a handwritten signature with relative ease Customers appreciate the convenience of anywhere, anytime signing and a simple way to return and distribute the signed documents Signing through the cloud provides instant and secure records of all signed documents, and can be stored automatically and as long as needed Benefits for Business DECREASED COSTS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY • Reduced carbon footprint for businesses and 6+D+ customers • Fewer printing resources are used • Eliminate dependency on courier services ------- Раper products comprised 34% of solid waste in the US in 2005– and only 50% was recycled Reduced use of printers, paper and ink 34% Reduced time and inconvenience to and from meetings for in-person signing DECREASED TIME COMMITMENT HIGHER DATA ACCESSIBILITY Customers can sign at their convenience Clients can sign from any Internet-ready device Overall customer satisfaction increases when the signing process is shortened E-signed documents are securely stored in the cloud for greater accessibility, from anywhere, anytime. Real Results for Small Business Signature Mortgage improved its numbers dramatically with e-signatures. EEEEEREEER 90% of loans completed online Without e-signature: Applications processed in 7-10 days With e-signature: Applications processed in 1-2 days Without e-signature: Loans closed in 45-60 days With e-signature: Loans closed in less than 20 days +35% -85% increase in loan volume reduction in mailing and administrative costs Benefits for Larger Businesses A top 10 bank in America has: Reduced document handling expenses Decreased Decreased future risk processing errors -90% -80% -50% U.S. Army Uses E-Signatures 1.6 million army users sign anything from munition requests to personnel and recruitment paperwork with e-signatures The State of Vermont Uses E-Signatures • To comply with state statutes • Accelerate doing business with contractors •Better serve constituents • Reduce administrative costs •Save the environment x0.1 million Army's estimated annual savings: $1,600,000,000 Infographic brought to you by: SOURCES eSignadeve When signatures matter to your businessTM

Gaining the Competitive Edge with E-Signatures

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Get to know the benefits of implementing e-signatures into your business. We look to dispel the myths out there surrounding e-signatures and show how they can decrease costs while boosting efficiency.








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