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Futures and Options Trading: Understanding the Differences and How to Get Started

A Beginners Guide to Futures and Options Trading What is Future Trading ? It involves buying or selling contracts that represent a specific asset at a predetermined price and date . Difference Between Futures & Option Trading FUTURE TRADING Obligatory : Traders are obligated 01 to fulfil the contract's terms on the predetermined date . Unlimited Loss Potential : Traders are obligated to fulfil the contract's terms 02 on the predetermined date . Standardised Contracts : Futures 03 contracts have specific sizes , dates , and terms . 1 02 03 04 05 . What is Option Trading ? It grants right , but not the obligation , to buy or sell assets at a predetermined price within specified timeframe . 3 HOW TO TRADE FUTURES AND OPTIONS ? 5 OPTION TRADING Non - Obligatory : Option buyers 01 have the choice to exercise the contract or let it expire . LEARN ABOUT THE UNDERLYING ASSETS , CONTRACT 2 SPECIFICATIONS , AND TRADING STRATEGIES . Limited Loss Potential : Option buyers ' losses are limited to the 02 premium paid for the option . Customizable Contracts : Options 03 allow flexibility in selecting strike prices and expiration dates . DETERMINE YOUR RISK TOLERANCE AND SET APPROPRIATE STO -LOSS LEVELS . OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT WITH A BROKERAGE FIRM . ANALYSE THE MARKET AND SELECT A SUITABLE ASSET TO TRADE . 4 EXECUTE TRADES BY PLACING BUY OR SELL ORDERS THROUGH YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT . Things to Consider Before Your First F & O Trade : 01. Understand the basics of futures and options , including their risks and potential rewards . Learn technical analysis and fundamental analysis to evaluate market trends and underlying assets . Develop a trading plan with clear entry and exit strategies . Allocate only a portion of your investment capital for F & O trading . Regularly monitor your trades and stay updated with market news and events . Summary : Gain knowledge , devise a plan , allocate capital wisely , and stay informed to prepare for your first futures and options trade . KQ | MARKETS

Futures and Options Trading: Understanding the Differences and How to Get Started

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Discover the distinctions between futures and options trading – from obligations and risk potential to customizable contracts. Learn how to initiate trades, key considerations before your first trad...




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