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The Future of Public Relations

the Future of Public Relations online identity precedes offline identity MOZNJAL A IMAO CHAZ A. MASON noebeiinsba I5SSI ASIS l zbnoqesoloadT" as won mom be angiqms pninnsky emit aa"prinatir yanopnion amit batass querimos 2sidinuhoqgo rol dow srt enispa pnibeb bi ltiw 4157 mjeho Known as "The Vaice Spends len time planning campeigra, and more tinereating coestantly iotering'se varg the web foropportunites, coming u th idea, chacking againt 80% like most" of the rest of the world Career @PRPro works remotely progression gamified O Copywriter BA 3,000 press releases Rockstar Agent Administrator for 15 brand outlets 8 Youtube Sensation Brand Agent 10 million video views O Celebrity Status - D Directly influences 10 of the world population LEVEL UP! LEVEL 1 £50,000/yr HM next le Brander 37 out of 50 brands represented C-Level 761 of 2,000 meetings with CEO You're Sick 42 of 100 video posts to go"viral" Brand Manager LEVEL 2 Celebrity Status - C Directly influences 25 of the world population £75,000/yr Technology Bio-Security Retinal Scans OFingerprint OVoice Recognition Voice recognition and retinal scan measures moods and individually adjusts everyone's online experience accordingly. Traditional PowerPoints are replaced by Press releases are dictated and optimized for Web 7.0 by an application developed for the holographic presentations. iPad 669 The Internet accessible everywhere via an augmented reality 'handle' that any person with access can pull up manipulate, and use. Sth & main st Adess oanted incoming call from REBEKAH TAILORED TO THE INDIVIDUAL looks and acts differently based on their preferences Current mood Social Business Consumerism Personal Style Thirsty? 10% off coffe right now Starbucks Social Online social life is a way to spread awareness via the interests of friends and influencers. by googl. 1uj noelbeinaba nsuoy bativni OPTING IN consumers choose to opt into different online activities. All press conferences are videocasted, live tweeted, and distributed real time via social networks A person's reaction to various news and events is delivered to others within their network. Shopping USING SOCIAL Business2Consumer PR INTERESTS BIG DATA is collected on everyone public decisions, including those made while walking down the street. @PRPro efficiently connects people to what they want to know based on their and their friends' interests. Future storefronts may monitor pupil dilation, eye tracking, and timing. Potential interested expressed in item #1302313s34 by @shopgirl / promotion activated Measuring 'body-tells' of your mood, wants, and needs, the information is sent to PR agencies to predict & highlight your interests in everyday life. BIG DATA COMPANIES SELL & PURCHASE "BODY TELL" DATA PERSONAL LIKES AND INTERESTS ARE DISPERSED VIA SOCIAL NETWORKS TO FRIENDS AS A FORM OF to PR agencies to accurately connect people to what they want to buy. VIRTUAL WORD OF MOUTH. Measurement THE INTERNET CAN ALSO BE VIEWED AS A HEAT MAP, @PRPRO CAN SEE WHERE THE INFLUENTIAL “HOT SPOTS" ARE. Influence & analysis single, universal metric for Influence across all platforms, which ranks "nodes" along a scale of 0-100% INCLUDES INSTANT PUBLIC OPINION POLLING DATA feedback from those who opt in and allow their brain responses to be recorded and fed back live, in exchange for incentives Business TRANSPARENCY Business2Business PR HONESTY MORAL AND ETHICAL BUSINESS is paramount in the future of PR. The high connectivity of people means secrets do not remain hidden for long. Good PR will involve businesses allowing all outbound commu- nications to be uploaded to a public timeline. @PRPro Has a trust rating of 98% 5 of your friends trust Chaz. Within this timeline, press releases, plans for the future, deals, and social updates are intermingled and dispersed through social connections. In short: more targeted and filtered information is instantly available, in order to better understand and interact with the public. ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS? Stay ahead of the competition with Press Index's media monitoring and analysis products. We combine the best new technology solutions with human expertise, in order to help you step into the future of PR. presented by You like our infographic? Check out our blog for more infographics & posts Press Index PARIS. LONDON MILANO . MADRID

The Future of Public Relations

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The future of PR as we know it.


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