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The Future of Print Technology

THE FUTURE OF PRINT TECHNOLOGY 15 things we didn't ever expect to be able to 3-D print... Printing has come a very long way since the origins of the printing press in 1454... Have a look at some of the most incredible things created by 3-D printers... 2 1 3D Fetus "3D scans" of your unborn child 3D-printed toothbrush 'perfectly' cleans your teeth in just six seconds 4 3D-Printed Fabrics 6 Replacement bones. 5 wotefe cto at eeumer the y nedothe partlar aeo ndro 3D-Printed Cast 3-D printed working firearm. 8 9 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar Pieces for Complex Hand-Made Camera Lens 10 3D Figurines From Children's Drawings 11 3D printed brass knuckles! 12 Due to come out in 2014: A building that is built entirely out of printed parts. 3D-Printed Bike 13 14 3D-Printed Ear (That Can Hear Better than Human Ears!) 15 3D-Printed Aston Martin DB4 3D printer that prints 3D printers. london silver image DIGITAL & LARGE FORMAT 24 HOUR PRINTING Sources:

The Future of Print Technology

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Nearly three decades ago, the first fully-functional 3D printer was created in 1984 by inventor Chuck Hull. Flash-forward to 2012, and the market for 3D printers and/or printing-related services now e...


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