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The Future Of The Hemp Business

The fufuru Of The HEMP BUSINESS More than 1 in 4 Americans have tried CBD to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety BY 2024, THE CBD INDUSTRY IS PROJECTED TO HIT $20 BILLION The usv of WHAT IS НЕМP? HEMP THE 2018 FA legalized industrial hemp production throughout the United States BILL Non-psychoactive strain of cannabis sativa (less than 0.3% THC) THE HEMP MARKET IS EXTREMELY VARIED, SHOWCASING ITS MANY USES 不 22% 18% 17% 13% 5% PERSONAL INDUSTRIAL FOOD TEXTILES SUPPLEMENTS CARE APPLICATIONS MOST POPULARLY, HEMP OIL IS ALSO USED TO MAKE CBD CBD is commonly used for 37% 24% 10% ANXIETY & STRESS JOINT INFLAMMATION POOR SLEEP While the only proven use for CBD is reducing epileptic seizures, MANY USERS REPORT SIGNIFICANT RESULTS EARLY STUDIES SUGGEST CBD MIGHT BE BENEFICIAL FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF CONDITIONS Reducing epileptic seizures k sk k k k k In 2017, the FDA approved Epidolex, a CBD-based epilepsy medication CBD-RICH EXTRACTS HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO REDUCE SEIZURES BY UP TO 71% Improving mental health k CBD has been shown to regulate serotonin production k One study called CBD a "useful new approach to treat several neuropsychiatric disorders" BY 2022, the market for Increasing neuroplasticity hemp CBD alone is expected to grow to $22 billion – up 67X from 2017 k CBD can reduce inflammation-associated CBD OIL neurodegeneration k Prolonged use of CBD has been shown to counteract chronic stress and mental fatigue Whe usis HEMP CBD? Within the past 2 years, use in America has spread across generations Where users buy their CBD Age 18-29 40% Dispensary 40% Age 30-44 32% Retail store 34% Age 45-60 23% Online 27% Over 60 15% What form of CBD they use 35% 30% 30% 20% 16% 15% Edible Spray or drops Vape Тopical Smoked Pill food or drink cream THE POSSIBLE MEDICINAL BENEFITS HAVE PROMPTED MANY TO INCORPORATE HEMP OIL INTO THEIR HEALTHCARE Did users replace OTC Drugs replaced by CBD* medicine with CBD? 47% 30% 22% Over-the-counter Use both Prescription pain reliever concurrently sleep aid 22% 33% 36% Anti-anxiety Replaced medicine entirely Prescription opioid medication Keeping up with rapidly changing regulations creates UNIQUE CHALLENGES FOR THE HEMP INDUSTRY *According to Consumer Reports, 2019 Challenges for THE FUTURE OF HEMP UNEVEN REGULATION Although the Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived CBD at the federal level, many states have confusing and contradictory laws WYOMING OHIO • WY CBD is ONLY CBD can legally be sold, but legal when used to treat OH. owning it is considered drug epilepsy, with a prescription ΚΕNTUCKY KY possession CBD requires a prescription, though the law is not widely followed BETTER BANKING Wary of risk, U.S. Bank subsidiary Elavon recently stopped offering services to all cannabis-related companies k Hemp farmers, CBD manufacturers, retailers, and dispensaries must find alternative methods of financing k In 2019, Square began an invite-only beta test for CBD businesses k SAFE Banking Act proposed in Congress: the law would allow banks to work with state-legal cannabis businesses without risk of prosecution PROVING QUALITY WITHOUT CONSISTENT REGULATIONS, PROVING TO CUSTOMERS THAT A HEMP PRODUCT IS QUALITY CAN BE DIFFICULT Ensure that certified Good Manufacturin Provide lab results to customer through your website or using a QR code on the product label Practices (GMP) are followed throughout the manufacturing process bioMD+ MEANS QUALITY ADVICE FOR THE HEMP INDUSTRY GOING FORWARD? CERTIFI Be diligent and creative to keep up with industry trends, quality standards, and changing regulations 3 5 Lab Results GMP Organic Colorado-sourced Transparency Contact 不 (Batch Level) Information Hemp The hemp industry is exploding due to the popularity of CBD ARE YOU READY FOR THE FUTURE OF HEMP? SOURCES presented by bioMD+ DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING New

The Future Of The Hemp Business

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Where is hemp headed? It's a great time to be working in this booming industry.








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