The Future of Corporate IT

The Future of Corporate IT - 2013-2017 - Learn what the new work environment means for IT leaders. How work gets done has changed, but IT hasn't kept up. -target current 61% 20% 61% of employees believe IT is ineffective at helping them be fully productive. Organizations are setting aggressive 20% productivity improvement targets, but IT is not delivering. The way we work is changing The future is already here. Trends such as globalization, economic change, externalization, and consumerization have created four new realities for today's workplace. 88888 MORE TECHNOLOGY GREATER FREQUENT GREATER INTERDEPENDENCE ORGANIZATIONAL KNOWLEDGE CHANGE INTENSITY CHOICES Employees work with an average of 10 people to get a job done, yet less than 20% are good at collaborating with teams. 21% of employees use The average employee experiences a major organizational change every 7 months, but most cannot adapt fast enough and disengage 82% of employees are required to use analysis, judgment, and influence on the job, yet less than 50% of them possess these skills. their own analytic tools and 42% use their own sources of data. This creates 5 new opportunities for IT IRISK PREPARE SUPPORT IVALUE IIIIII HIGH III MED II LOWOIOII Equip employees with competencies, not just tools. Ready IT to drive employee productivity. ENABLE ENGAGE RESPOND I-----II Separate flexible interfaces from foundational data. Shift engagement focus from business leaders to Move IT strategy and budgets from anticipate to respond. employees. New requirements emerge as IT responds 1. A SHIFT TO END-TO-END IT SERVICES Instead of organizing IT around technical capabilities, end-to-end IT services organize IT around key business needs. 65% of organizations will have end-to-end IT services by 2014. 2. AN UPDATE TO IT TALENT 97% of IT staff will be affected as IT responds to the five opportunities but few are ready to make the change. 90% 53% lack collaborative skills lack analytic skills and judgment Creating six new roles in IT COLLABORATION END-TO-END IT SERVICE INFORMATION CLOUD USER- TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHT INTEGRATION EXPERIENCE BROKER EVANGELIST MANAGER ENABLER SPECIALIST GURU Why CEB? CEB is the leading member-based advisory company. Our IT Practice identifies the best economic outcomes to IT management challenges facing CIOs and senior IT executives. Our IT insights are vendor independent and sourced from our vast executive network. Peer informed and immediately actionable, CEB's solutions help members transform their IT function and elevate corporate performance by becoming not just better IT managers but also better business leaders. CONTACT US mCEB 1.866.913.8101 WHAT THE BEST COMPANIES DO

The Future of Corporate IT

shared by Lemonly on Apr 29
The way we work is continually changing, which means the new work environment is changing for IT leaders, too. For this infographic, we got to work with CEB to visualize their survey results on the f...





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