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CAST IALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CAST SOCIALCAST OCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOc CAS FUNNY BUSINESS CA The first of April marks the day that wisecrack jokesters in SOC your office have been secretly scheming and preparing for CAS LCA soc SOC CAS all year. It's the day you walk into your austere cubicle, only to find that your chair has been shrink-wrapped, or worse, rigged to fall apart. According to a Career Builder survey, SOC 32% of workers say they've started or have fallen for an CAS April Fools' Day prank. SOC CAS Let's check out April foolery in the workplace and how to April Fools' in the Enterprise CA SOC celebrate it without getting in trouble. SOC CAS БОС TOP 5 MOST MEMORABLE PRANKS IN THE OFFICE CAS In a 2008 survey, compiled actual popular April Fools' antics in the office. Some of the highlights include: 2. 3. 4. 5. OFF Placing pants and Rigging the boss' office chair to fall apart during a staff meeting. Completely shrink- wrapping a co-worker's cubicle. Filling the vending machine with beer cans instead of soda. Using a co-worker's name and calling an electric company shoes inside a men's bathroom stall to make it appear as if someone is actually using the restroom. to shut off the electricity at his/ her home. NOTORIOUS CAPERS SOC CAS SOC Google Every year on this occasion, Google is known for crafting clever hi-jinks on unwitting users. Here are just a few highlights. Virgle Topeka SOC donga e Google Gulp To Mars! Topeka It As apart of their 2008 April Fools' prank, Google orchestrated a joint effort called "Virgle" with the Virgin Group, to announce an upcoming Mars colonization venture. Any interested parties had to apply, and the site notified users if they were fit or unfit for space. Google announced in 2005 a fictitious beverage that they The city of Topeka, Kansas, temporarily changed its name to "Google" in early 2010 in a stunt to be chosen for the claimed would increase the drinker's intelligence. How did it "work"? Through analysis of the user's DNA and neurotransmitters in the brain. search engine giant's broadband Internet program. A month later, Google announced its own name change: Topeka. |Life on Mars..Bar Rickrolled On April Fools' Day in 2008, all videos on YouTube's front The official NASA website posted a story reporting to have images of water on Mars. The photo turned out to be just a picture of a glass of water on a Mars candy bar. page hyperlinked to the Rickroll-an Internet meme involving Rick Astley's song, "Never Gonna Give You Up." Mars Бос CAS LAUGHTER: GOOD FOR MORALE & PRODUCTIVITY CA БОС Throughout the ages, humor has been an essential part of humankind-whether outside with friends or in the office. It comes as no surprise that jokes and laughter can greatly reduce stress while boosting morale in the workplace. But did you know that it could also potentially increase productivity? Researchers Say HA HA HA! HA HA HA! "[Humor] has meaningful impact on cohesiveness in the workplace and communication quality among workers..." HA HAI -Christopher Robert and Wan Yan, researchers at University of Missouri-Columbia HA HA HA! " leaders influence their direct reports with respect to humor HA! style may be one of a number of factors that contribute to НА! bottom-line performance." -John J. Sosik, management professor at Penn State University Employees Say Wirthlin Worldwide conducted a survey of employees and found: 90 percent of participants 60 percent of AS participants believe they'd be more productive if their employers encouraged humor. believe humor in the office helps reduce SOC stress. AS EXECUTIVES DON'T FIND IT FUNNY SOC The Creative Group asked marketing and advertising executives, "How appropriate do you think it is to play April Fools' jokes in the office?" 3% "Very appropriate" PERCENT OF RESPONDENTS "Don't know" • 2% Responses from the executives show that the "Somewhat majority reject April Fools' jokes and cite them as being unsuitable for the office. appropriate" 27% Why? "Many advertising and marketing teams are stretched thin, and there may be less acceptance of activities that are viewed as potential distractions..." SOC AS -Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group. ("Not at all 1% •"Not very appropriate" C7% appropriate" CA SOC TO JOKE OR NOT TO JOKE When deciding whether an April Fools' Day gag is a good idea, employees should consider the consequences that come with pulling off the prank. Will the joke inspire some hearty laughter among co-workers? Or could the jokester potentially cross the line of appropriateness and lose his or her job? April Fools "Don'ts" HA HA HA! HA HA HA! ssShhHH!! REPUTATION Бос Don't single out any one person. Don't damage company property. Don't distract the Don't harm anyone's whole office. career. Avoid humiliating one No matter how comical it is, person so that they feel targeted or embarrassed. Regardless of intentions, they may get misconstrued. When playing tricks, Sure, doing something like filling a trashcan with water and strategically placing it above a co- worker's office door seems Even though managers get the idea that April Fools' Day is a time for fun and laughs, the pranks shouldn't promote when a joke endangers SOC someone's professional AS reputation, it's no longer a extensive idleness that could laughing matter. funny, but it can end up cost the company money. flooding the office and damage personal or even it's wiser to involve a SOC larger group. AS company property. Гос SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOc SOIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS ST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOC SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST © 2011 SOCIALCAST INC. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS HEREIN ARE RECOGNIZED TO BE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR BESPECTIVE OWNERS ALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS soc SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS Sources: Career Builder | | The Creative Group | Wirthlin Worldwide | | | | Robert, Christopher AS CASand Yan, Wan. "The Case for Developing New Research on Humor and Culture in Organizations: Toward a Higher Grade of Manure" 2007. I Sosik, John J. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bottom Line" 1999. soc SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS SOCIALCAST LCAST SOCIALO CAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOC

Funny Business

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The first of April marks the day that wisecrack jokesters in your office have been secretly scheming and preparing for all year. According to a Career Builder survey, 32% of workers say they've starte...


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