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Fully Engaged

Why Employee Motivation Is Key To The Success Of Your Business FULLY ENGAGED Employee engagment is sometimes thought of as secondary to the bottom line, but research shows that in a sense, it IS the bottom line – or at least it's the elbow grease that keeps your business running smoothly. How well your employees are engaged at work will spell either success or failure for your business. But keeping employees engaged is easier said than done. Let's explore the landscape of employee engagement and keep your business run- ning like a well-oiled machine. Engaged employees are most valuable because they're more: WHAT IS EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT? Productive Profitable Customer-Focused WHAT IS IT? According to a Gallup study, Employee Engagement is a "strategic approach supported by tactics for driving improvement and organiza- tional change." In short, an engaged employee is one..who is fully involved in the development of their company. Likely to stay with their organization Safe WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? $300 According to Gallup, disengaged employees cost the U.S. over $300 billion each year in lost productivity. BILLION No single HR initiative, no matter how powerful, will result in true, lasting employee engagement. Rather, Employee Engagement is in its essence a core business strategy which will, in the end, help a company achieve its goals. ARE YOUR EMPLOYEES ENGAGED? One study breaks the workforce down into five levels of engagement: 4 ENGAGED High contribution and satisfaction HAMSTERS Medium to high satisfaction, Medium to high contribution, low contribution CRASH & BURNERS DISENGAGED ALMOST ENGAGED Medium to high Low to medium contribution and satisfaction contribution and satisfaction low satisfactión (they spin their wheels on non-essential tasks) | Engaged Almost Engaged IDisengaged ICrash & Burners IHamsters ALL NORTH AMERICANS 33% 24% 18% 15% 10% BABY BOOMERS 36% 23% 16% 13% 11% GEN 30% 25% 19% 17% 9% 23% 24% 25% 19% 9% MILLENIALS HOW DO YOU IMPROVE EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE? Items that employees say would most improve their performance: * North America 6% A coach or a mentor other than my manager. Greater clarity about what the organization needs me to do. 25% 10% Better communication with my manager. A better relationship with my coworkers. Regular, specific feedback about how I'm doing. 14% 23% Development opportunities and training. More resources. 14% SOURCES: | | 3.

Fully Engaged

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Employee engagement is sometimes thought of as secondary to the bottom line, but research shows that in a sense, it is the bottom line — or at least it’s the elbow grease that keeps your business ...


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