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Freelancing is the Future

FREELANCING IS THE FUTURE The ol' 9-to-5 job model is quickly losing its luster for people who feel empowered to manage their careers on their own terms. BY THE NUMBERS: THE AMERICAN WORKFORCE 53 34% MILLION The percentage of the national workforce currently engaging in freelancing FREELANCING The number of independent & contingent workers in the U.S. workforce $715 77% Percentage of freelancers that say they make the same or more money than they did before they started freelancing work BILLION The estimated economic contribution from freelanced work FREELANCING 33% Percentage of Americans that have considered quitting their jobs to pursue freelance work "Earn Extra 42% Money" and "Flexible Work Schedule" - The FREELANCING top answers for why workers pursue a career in freelancing 2$ The percentage of freelancers that have worked on an online freelance project 38% FREELANCING Percentage of Millennials currently freelancing WHO MAKES UP THE 53 MILLION FREELANCERS? 5% Freelance business owners 10% 58% Temporary, part-time workers Independent contractors e)27% Moonlighters TOTAL U.S. SELF-EMPLOYED BY OCCUPATION (2013) Total Self-Employed % of Total Workforce PERSONAL CARE BUILDING & GROUNDS CLEANING CONSTRUCTION SALES & COSMETICS 1,511,354 1,260,051 1,255,302 1,023,038 14.9% 12.4% 12.4% 10.1% INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, REPAIR HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT LEGAL 689,945 354,917 262,833 224,258 6.8% 3.5% 2.6% 2.2% COMPUTER & FOOD PREPARATION & EDUCATION HEALTHCARE SUPPORT MATHEMATICAL FOOD SERVICE 208,360 139,437 115,831 90,789 2.1% 1.4% 1.1% 0.9% FARMING, FISHING, FORESTRY IITECTURE & ENGINEERING 84,974 60,228 0.8% 0.6% Brought to you by Field Nation | FIELD NATION SOURCES: 7d9/fu_freelancinginamericareport_v3-rgb.pdf

Freelancing is the Future

shared by FieldNation on Jan 09
The ol' 9-to-five job model is quickly losing its luster for people who feel empowered to manage their careers on their own terms, through freelancing and independent contracting. This graphic outline...


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