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The Freakonomics of Drug Dealing

THE FREAKONOMICS H OF H DRUG DEALING DRUG DEALERS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH MONEY & POWER - IN REALITY $3,640 DRUG DEALERS MAKE PER YEAR THE REAL RISKS OF DEALING DRUGS đO ARRESTS » DEALING DRUGS IS GETTING MORE RISKY MORE In 2010, there were 80% ARRESTS for drug possession or use compared to 1990 5734K12 FX MLDN CITY ROLICI SENTENCES FOR DRUG POSSESSION 1 year in prison 1st OFFENSE $1,000 in fines 2 years in prison 2nd OFFENSE $2,500 in fines 3 years in prison 3rd OFFENSE $5,000 in fines SENTENCES FOR SELLING DRUGS Years in prison Maximum fines in $ millions $75 $75 LIFE $75 LIFE $60 30 $50 $45 20 20 $30 10 $15 10 $0 1st OFFENSE 2nd OFFENSE 3rd OFFENSE F VIOLENCE » DEALING DRUGS PUTS YOU IN SERIOUS DANGER DEALING DRUGS HAS A 7% DEATH RATEPER YEAR WHICH IS A HIGHER RATE THAN: A YEAR ON A YEAR AS A DEATH ROW SOLDIER AT WAR 2% .5% death rate per year death rate per year DOES DEALING DRUGS ACTUALLY PAY OFF? COSTS VS WAGES IN A DRUG OPERATION 60% of a drug operation's revenue goes towards COSTS 40% gets split up as WAGES BREAKDOWN OF COSTS: 20% - payments to higher levels of the organization 15% - costs of buying drugs from the suppliers 40% 15% - buying weapons and misc. expenses 60% 5% - payments to mercenary fighters 5% - funeral costs and payments to family members of the deceased THE DISTRIBUTION OF WAGES $24 - $62 Hourly Rate $70 $60 $50 $40 $30 $20 $5 $3.50 $10 $0 /////// GANG LEADER OFFICERS STREET LEVEL SALESMEN 1 per gang 3 per gang 25-75 per gang -$50/mo RANK & FILE 60-200 per gang Controls Operation Sells Drugs Aspiring Street Level Salesmen (pay dues of $50/mo) Protects Gang LEGAL FEES OF GETTING CAUGHT 276,000 DEALERS GET INTO LEGAL TROUBLE EACH YEAR Hourly Rate $300 The national average rate for a lawyer is $284 / hour $250 $200 $150 The average drug dealer makes only $3.50 / hour $100 $50 $0 THAT MEANS A DRUG DEALER WOULD HAVE TO WORK FOR TO PAY FOR JUST 1 WEEK 40 MONTHS OF LAWYERS FEES +tI HOW LIKELY IS A PROMOTION? Drug operations have roughly 3,000 & 16 m STREET LEVEL SALESMEN GANG LEADERS THAT MAKES THE ODDS OF PROMOTION ONLY .005% AT $3.50 / HOUR DEALING DRUGS LITERALLY DOESN'T O PAY Clarity Way Find your path to recovery

The Freakonomics of Drug Dealing

shared by JesseAaron on Mar 31
On average, drug dealers make only $3.50 an hour or $3,640 per year on average. Plus, your ‘boss’ might need to get rid of you if things go south. This infographic displays the economics – or r...


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