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Forks Up for Food Trucks! 11 Creative Marketing Campaigns for New Truckers

FORKS UP FOOD TRUCKS! For 11 Creative Marketing Campaigns For New Truckers TURN UP THE HEAT WITH THESE OUT OF THE BOX MARKETING CAMPAIGNS FOR FOOD TRUCKS 1 "We'll name a [insert dish] after you!" Andy's SANDWICH We're all a little bit narcissistic right? Who wouldn't want a sandwich named in their honor? Run this as a regular monthly contest. If you don't do sandwiches, replace it with ice cream flavor, sauces, etc. The sky really is the limit! 2 Host an all day scavenger hunt. Think of it this way. People need to eat at least three meals a day. If your customers are participating in an all day event, like a themed scavenger hunt, they're sure to get hungry. Partner up with other local food trucks, and hide out at different locations. Place clues at each truck for the next stop, and give away free samples. Instagram ts Trudie's Taffy 3 Hashtag campaigns are a no brainer. Signature dish : #cherrytaffy Encourage diners to use your branded hashtags in social media photos. This helps you build a community around your business and increase brand awareness. • 120 likes Trudie's Taffy ♥♥• #trudiestaffy #cherrytaffy Business name: #trudiestaffy 4 Set up themed weekdays. WEDNESDAY'S OFFER Taco Tuesday has gone mainstream. Why not claim a day of the week for your own signature dish? Own a waffle truck? You should be all OVER Waffle Wednesday. My favorite Taco 5 Post fill in the blank requests on social. Truck dish is Prioritize customer feedback. Share fill in the blank posts on Facebook, and watch as new ideas come flowing in. If you're not a fan of Facebook, try running a poll on Twitter or a caption this on Instagram. 6 Run silly specials on random holidays. National Pancake Day If you have a breakfast truck, run a special on National Pancake Day. Guess what? March 1st is National Peanut March Butter Lover's Day. Don't miss out! 8th 7 How about setting a Guinness Book World Record? This will garner a ton of local media coverage, and if you're successful in reaching your goal, you can add "world record breaker" to your marketing materials. 8 Partner up with a sister company, and run an all day event. Let's say you own a sandwich truck. Partner up with a local soup wagon, and do a Soup and Sandwich lunchtime event. This builds morale, heightens a sense of community, and brings more value to your loyal diners. RECO 9 Trucker for a Day ice crean Invite one special guest to go "truckin" for a day! Suit them up in branded garb and run an entire story on social media using fun snapshots and videos. 10 Truck to Home Delivery Pull up to a local neighborhood for a curbside block party. Looking to give back to the community? Pull up to your (P local homeless shelter and run la Piazza this same event. Snap your beautiful faces here! 11 Face in the Hole Photcshoot PHIL Burgers Gather up your team, and assemble a branded face in hole stand. For example, if you own a burger truck, do a group of different sized people holding big burgers. Make sure you keep it branded, and encourage customers to hop in and snap a photo. TOP PERFORMING MARKETING METHODS FOR FOOD TRUCKS TEXT MESSAGE MARKETING Did you know that 99% of all text messages are opened within five minutes or less? That kind of open rate is one you can't deny. At the bare minimum, food trucks use text marketing to fire out location info, exclusive mobile coupons, and mouthwatering picture messages. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING All food trucks should be taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, at the bare minimum. Running all these platforms in one cohesive manner will strengthen brand awareness and loyalty, which ultimately leads to more sales and returning customers. ONE ON ONE INTERACTION Build an entire community around your food truck business. Encourage word of mouth recommendations, and invite customers to take part in each creative campaign. Remember, your staff represents your truck. Don't let this representation be poor. 2015 FOOD TRUCK STATISTICS YEAR YEAR = 100 Million 1.2 BİLLION 12.4% in annual revenue. increase in revenue in the past 5 years. 4,130 Food trucks in the U.S. = 100 Trucks ш 55% 15% 12% Street locations Industrial /construction Shopping Malls. /corners. work sites. This infographic is brought to you by top SMS marketing provider, Give us a call today at 1.800.688.6290 to sign up for your free plan.

Forks Up for Food Trucks! 11 Creative Marketing Campaigns for New Truckers

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We're obsessed with food truck marketing. Check out these 11 creative marketing campaigns for new truckers. As a food truck owner, you can rely on text message marketing, social media, and one on one ...


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