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First Signs of Worn Out Shock Absorbers in a Volvo

PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR & MAINTENANCE IMPORT & DOMESTIC AUTO SERVICE CENTER FIRST SIGNS OF WORN-OUT SHOCK ABSORBERS IN A VOLVO The role of shock absorbers is to keep the tires on the ground & allow you to maintain control of the Volvo on rough roads. Shocks are attached to your Volvo using bolts and rubber bushings, serving as a link between suspension components. Today's shock absorbers ensure smooth rides, quality vehicle handling, and longer tire and car suspension life. THIS ARTICLE TALKS ABOUT THE FIRST SIGNS OF WORN-OUT SHOCK ABSORBERS IN YOUR VOLVO. LONGER STOPPING ••.. DISTANCES signs of bad shock absorber parts. It is one of the most probable functions is to keep the tires on the ground. One of the shock absorber cannot help control the bouncing of the wheels. And if the shocks are worn, they NOSE DIVING WHEN BRAKING The worn-out shock absorbers let fluid flow out through the seal. And that causes the piston to move excessively in the cylinder. While braking, the nose of the car dives because the weight of the car swings more. REAR SQUATS A shock absorber failure causes A squaring rear indicates rear shock absorber problems. the rear to squat. But whereas the noise dives during braking, the rear will squat when you hit the gas pedal. LEAKING SHOCK ABSORBER FLUID Leaking shock absorber symptoms include oil on the sides of the shock or Generally, the shock absorber fluid leaks the ground. Leaking shocks will not control the ocillations and will due to broken seals. cause handling issues in a Volvo. BROKEN BUSHINGS The bushings are ever exposed to the harsh conditions of the atmosphere. Worn bushings cannot cushion the shock mounts from the suspension it attaches to. As a result, Volvo makes a lot of noise, especially when driving in rough conditions. REMEMBER The bad shock absorber has shrubberies close to its joints; these can break when your Volvo has experienced potholes or a few knocks. Whenever you encounter this problem and suspect shock absorber failure, it is advisable to contact your Volvo specialist.

First Signs of Worn Out Shock Absorbers in a Volvo

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The shock absorbers ensure smooth rides and quality vehicle handling. One of the shock absorber function is to keep the tires on ground. So, longer stopping distances, nose diving while braking and re...


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